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Green Candle magic

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Green candles are traditional symbolism of money, prosperity, and nature. Whenever you need a companion to help you with tarot or rune casting and have a clear mind to appreciate the beauty of growth and fruitfulness that occurred or is happening in your life, green candles are a great addition to your divination essentials for they help you relax and clear your mind from all the negativities.

This hue has been regarded as the warmest color that soothes every pain and uneasiness one may feel, that is why it is green candles’ nature to heal the body as well as the mind and heart. Witchcraft has paved a way for green candles to manifest their energies and assist human beings in achieving their goals to enrich their well-being.

Candle magic with green candles influences the mind by giving pure and healthier perspectives. They are aligned with the energy of Venus and are associated with the earth element. Spell workings using green candles are ideally performed during Fridays as Venus is most potent in this day of the week. Since green candles are governed by the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus, it allows these candles to offer a sharp sense of equilibrium and intellectuality in one’s life.

Carrying the color of the earth, green candles are also associated with the magical realm of fairies and many other enchanting entities that are related to the earth or nature. Green candles astonish people by their ability to effectively draw money, luck, good fortune, and a gradual but steady flow of income even in life’s most delicate situations.

A path filled with green candles is a path full of growth, beauty, and love. The little flickering flame of every green candle does not make life easier to live but can present courage that sets a person’s heart ablaze.

Green Candles For Witchcraft

Green Candle Correspondences

Element: Earth
Signs: Taurus, Libra
Planet: Venus
Day: Friday
Numbers: 2, 3, 7
Stones: Peridot, Aventurine

How To Charge Green Candles

If there are candles that strongly relate and draw a significant amount of energy from nature, it would be the green candles. Carrying the guiding and calming nature of the earth, green candles recharge itself by staying close to the universal healing capacity of nature.

Use your garden plants or any greenery you have at home or near you to bring back the energy that your green candles have lost over time. This most simplistic way of charging green candles involves leaving them in the presence of plants overnight or as often as you want. Choosing this method of charging green candles will neutralize negative energies and replace them with positive ones.

Another way of cleansing and re-energizing green candles is to place them in a bowl of fresh water overnight. You can also set them near rivers or streams and sprinkle a desirable amount of salt on them. This will not only charge them using the body of water’s energy but also through the energy its sound releases.

Coat green candles using aromatic essential oils and sprinkle dried peppermint leaves on them. Wrap them in green silk and bury them in the backyard overnight to recharge or heighten their energy.

Green Candle Spell Ideas

A very popular spell using green candles is the Money Bags Spell. Green candles symbolize growth and prosperity in almost every aspect of life. By lighting a green candle on your altar and surrounding it with coins while expressing your gratitude and appreciation for the things you have, these powerful money spells will bring in extra cash, grow your savings and bring you financial success.

Green candles are used to facilitate a Dream Job Spell to help you get the career position you desire. Hold your resume and create a powerful visualization of yourself as you perform the tasks of that position, also focus on creating detailed scenarios in your head as to how you will get that position. This Dream Job Spell using green candles will call upon the guidance of Demeter, the Goddess of Agriculture to bring abundance to your career.

Remove any bad luck that may bring unfortunate events in your life by performing this Bad Luck Removal Spell. Bring in the energy of good luck and banish spirits that may bring bad luck to your home. Burn green candles and take a bath to wash away any bad luck that may have gotten into your soul.

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