Full Moon Spells For Love

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Full Moon Spells For Love

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Here’s a really powerful full moon spell for love from Stargirl the Practical Witch that you can use to attract love from a very specific person and give your situation the push it needs to grow into something more for you.

*The credit for these spells goes directly to those featured within the content. Please take the time to follow and support these wonderful creators!

What You’ll Need

  1. Container with lid
  2. Red apple
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Honey
  5. A picture of the person 
  6. Pen & paper

Cut The Apple

Cut the apple straight through the middle, not from top to bottom. This reveals the star in the middle of the apple to you to work with in this spell. Cut the apple into a thin slice so that it fits into the jar. Place the apple in your jar so that it rests nicely at the bottom.

(optional: if blood magick is something you work with, add a drop to the star inside the apple.)

Add Honey

Add honey onto the top of the apple. You don’t need to cover the apple, just add as much as is meaningful to you to make the spell work. Add cinnamon to the jar once the honey has been added. 

Add A Picture & Petition

Write the target person’s name and your intention for this spell on a piece of paper. Write the spell in present tense. Roll the paper and add it to the jar along with the photo of the person the spell is working toward.

Bury The Jar

Bury the jar under the earth during a full moon or a new moon to bring about growth and love as the jar’s power grows like a planted seed. Uncover when enough time has passed for you, the time spent in the earth is totally up to you, but many like to wait for 3 or 6 days.

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