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Eclectic Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

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Eclectic Witchcraft is a constantly evolving and divinely colorful path that incorporates many different traditions, cultures and influences into it.

A Witch who follows this path is likely begin to use the tools and traditions that feel most comfortable to them and then become immersed in research and discovery of why and how those particular tools fit into their craft in a magical context.

The Eclectic Witch goes to great lengths to ensure that all tools and traditions used in their workings fit together harmoniously to make sure the magic is sound, and by being open and accepting of many different cultures, discerning Eclectic

Witches are constantly evolving and expanding witchcraft in new and exciting ways.

A Blend Of Witchy Customs

Eclectic witchcraft as a blend of many different paths. An Eclectic Witch will assess the many different paths over the course of their journey and blends them together into their own unique and highly personal craft.

It’s an ongoing process of trying new traditions and learning about how they might fit into where you currently are in your witchcraft journey.

As an example, some choose to use a blend of Celtic and Germanic traditions and research more about how they can work together to produce magical results.

As you study different paths, cultures and belief systems, you will find that certain traditions, tools and rituals will jump out at you. If you feel led to apply that to your form of Witchcraft, you may well be an Eclectic Witch!

How To Find Your Eclectic Path


As you come across different beliefs, traditions and types of witchcraft, devote yourself to giving them a try for a time. Consciously engage in the tradition and look within to decide if it is something that you’d like to incorporate into your own path.


After you’ve chosen a few different practices, do as much research as you can to learn the proper ways to honor that unique tradition.

Don’t be a surface learner, dive deep into educating yourself before you decide if a particular practice is right for you. Knowledge is power!


After you’ve learned the correct way to practice your chosen tradition or use a certain tool, give yourself time to validate that it is something that will work for you long term.

Not all practices and beliefs will serve us, so keep a journal of how effective your workings are during your validation period.


Once you’ve decided wholeheartedly that a certain tradition brings you deep connection to yourself and empowers your spell work, formally fold it into your path with a simple ritual or initiation ceremony.

Mark the day and make this a meaningful time in your life in which you honor that tradition or tool and ask it to be a part of your craft.

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