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Scrying connects us to the world of the unseen insights and thoughts that linger just beyond our conscious vision of the world we live in. Also called “gazing” it helps us conceptualize additional information revealed to us by our higher selves, and there are many fun and empowering ways to get started with scrying, including crystal balls.

The earliest mention of scrying dates back to the 10th century, and since that time, scrying has been used for personal guidance, inspiration and to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening just below the surface of what we can immediately see and sense.

The process is simple. Prepare your mind through a simple meditation or relaxation practice, use a blank surface such as a bowl of water, mirror or even a blank computer screen to prevent unwanted distraction and to help clear your mind, and finally, begin to communicate the images and stories that present themselves with practice.

Scrying is a fantastic tool that can provide additional information and insight into your current situation in life. This guide will walk you through the basics and show you some of the most common ways to get started. 

Scrying Basics

To get started with scrying, all you need is a simple reflective surface, such as a dark bowl with water inside, and a few of your favorite meditative tools to help you relax into a receptive state of mind.

What follows are several recommended steps to get you started on your scrying journey. Please know that these are simple suggestions based on traditional scrying methods and that you can (and should!) take creative liberty to make this process your own. 

If you have any cleansing, protective or relaxation techniques that make you comfortable, please feel free to add them in as you see fit.

How To Start Scrying

This list represents the absolute basics to get you thinking in the right direction about scrying. Use these as guidelines as you learn insights about your own scrying process.

1. Rest Up

Any time you do divination or inner insight work it’s a great idea to come at it with a fresh body and mind, and scrying is no different.

Before you begin your scrying, make sure you’re well rested and have a clear mind. If you’ve had a long day and dealt with stressful situations, consider saving your scrying work for a weekend or evening in which you feel full of energy. 

2. Setup Your Environment

When you’re ready to get started, make sure you’ve set up a space for your scrying that’s free from distraction, noise and interruption. 

The process to come asks that you allow yourself to relax deeply, so setting up a space that accomplishes this is essential.

Place your scrying tool in front of you, preferably on a hard surface, and place a candle on each side to illuminate your scrying tool. These should not directly reflect the flame, but rather the soft light alone.

And finally, bring the room down to near darkness, so that when you focus on your scrying tool the room seems to melt away around it. 

3. Reach A Relaxed-Trance State

Now you’re ready to begin your scrying process, and this begins within. 

Sit quietly in front of your mirror and begin to relax with meditation or other simple relaxation forms that brings you peace. 

Next, choose one of the following (or another) form of focus work to begin to enter into a self-induced trace state. 

If you have a history of severe mental illness, please consult a medical professional before trying these techniques.

Breathwork – Things like deep inward and outward breathing, pranayama, and holotropic breath work all have the potential to bring about a self induced trance. 

Primal Drums – Listening to shamanic or other primal cultural drums which beat at around 220 beats per minute has been known place listeners into trance states.

Self Hypnosis – Yes, hypnotizing your self is not just possible, it’s safe and commonly practiced in many forms to improve one’s personal power. 

4. Soft Focus On Mirror

Once you’re feeling light, warm, free and deeply relaxed, begin to focus on your mirror. The kind of focus needed is what’s called a soft focus.

If you’ve ever looked into one of those autostereograms or “Magic Eye” pictures you know how to soft focus. If not, simply bring your focus to about two inches in front of your scrying tool and let it begin to blur.

Maintain this soft focus and remain relaxed and light.

5. Relax & Allow

Stay relaxed and let the room around you begin to fade as you remain focused on your scrying tool. 

Have patience as you begin to allow your mind to wander in and out, remaining calm as your empty mind reveals what it’s meant to. 

Don’t feel pressure to see anything at first. The process will unfold as it is meant to over time. Practice this often and you’ll discover this new form of divination is readily available to you.

Mirror Scrying

Mirror scrying is probably the most common form of scrying and the above example of a scrying process is based around the use of a mirror or highly reflective object. 

Black is the primary color used for mirror scrying, as it seems to absorb everything else into it. Regular mirrors can be modified to appear black, and obsidian plates or disks can be highly polished to provide a black mirror image as well. 

Mirror scrying is a great starting place for scrying since they are easy to setup and store and offer a large field of view to better keep your focus within the area to minimize distraction from the surrounding room.  

Water Scrying

Water scrying is a wonderfully natural way to develop your inner insight as it only requires natural elements to work with. 

Water is an excellent tool for scrying as it engages emotions, the inner mind, higher self, and your life’s path, making it a natural conductor for psychic visions and interpretations.

To get started, simply choose a dark colored bowl to help produce a darkly colored backdrop for your scrying, fill it with clean water and let the water come to rest on a flat surface.

Fire Scrying

Fire has long been a source for scrying all around the world. This ancient method offers a distinctly different experience than that of water as the element of fire brings with it some really unique properties. 

To get started with fire scrying, first choose a safe and controlled source of flame to begin with. A candle is the most common choice, since most don’t have access to a small campfire on a regular basis. 

Light your fire and let the flame come to full strength. Allow yourself to relax even more deeply as you rest your gaze deeply within the flame. Let the space around you melt away as you let your mind become empty. Some see clear images, while others only see general shapes at first.

Let your personal fire scrying practice build and stay positive about your results. It can take time to develop your sight.

Crystal Scrying

Crystal scrying is a form of scrying that uses, you guessed it, crystals! Typically, crystals used in scrying are highly polished and often crafted into a beautiful ball that readily reflects light and energy. 

The crystal ball has been popularized by movies and television, yet is rarely used in those settings in a traditional manner. 

As in all forms of scrying, deep focus and a light trance help to bring about psychic revelations and imagery in a more potent way. Set up your crystal in. a dimly lit space with a few candles to add soft light. Relax and gaze into the ball and enjoy the images available to you. 

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