Pendulum Divination

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Pendulum Divination

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Pendulum divination is a wonderful tool to enhance your inner insight and divine a path forward based off of simple, straightforward answers. At its core, a pendulum is a simple tool that interacts with its user and their unconscious mind to draw out inner truths and appropriate paths based on intuition and deep insight.

If you’re new to divination, let’s get a few things out of the way right from the start. 

Divination is not fortune telling. We believe in enhancing your personal power, and that means that no one has the right or insight to be able to predict your next actions in life. 

But divination, either by your own hand or another’s, is a wonderful tool to offer insight into possible futures available to you if you choose to continue with them.

It’s not sorcery, nor is it an act of demonic connection, but rather a simple tool to draw truth from the very real aspects of the higher self and all its inner insight. 

With this definition in mind, we can move more deeply into pendulum divination in a more meaningful way. 

Choose Your Pendulum

Pendulums come in all shapes, sizes, materials and forms, so choosing your first pendulum for your divination can be difficult.

To put your mind at ease, a pendulum doesn’t have to be anything other than what you prefer to use personally. 

There are some who love to collect and use pendulums of many different materials and use them for different divinatory uses, but this is not necessary for the beginner.

Choose something that speaks to you! It could be as simple as a stone wrapped around a piece of leather, or as complex as an expensive crystal on a fancy chain. 

As with anything relating to your own personal power, open your heart and let your first pendulum present itself to you. 

With that said, here are the common pendulum materials and aspects to get you started if you’re new to pendulum work. 

Pendulum Materials

The base of the pendulum is the heaviest and most prominent part. Choose something with a good weight and a pointed base for a traditional pendulum, or, find a base that speaks to you personally in a nonstandard material. There is no “right” way to choose.

Stone – An exceedingly natural aspect to any pendulum, natural stone can be found anywhere and is often one of the most serendipitous materials to build your own pendulum from. 

Gemstones & Crystals – Sought after for their common energetic and astrological correspondences, crystals and gemstones are extremely common materials for pendulums. Choose one that speaks to you personally.

Wood – Dense hardwood makes wonderful pendulum material and is the perfect choice for those who love the warmth of wood in their spiritual lives. Make sure to choose something with a good amount of weight!

Bone – Some like to work with material that has been found in the wilderness. Bone fits the bill for some who respect its organic properties.

Chain Materials

Pendulum chains can be made from whatever you find meaningful. A good pendulum chain is flexible and well worn to ensure good transmission, but anything will work depending your personal style.

Leather – A natural material that is common in pendulums. Choose a leather strand that is well-worn and very flexible. Consider treating with oil for maximum suppleness.

Cotton Cord – Cotton cords of all kinds work very well for pendulums. Consider treating your cord with beeswax or other tacky material to prolong its life. 

Chain – Chains made from common or precious metals are a fantastic choice for pendulum chains since they transmit movement readily. 

Plant Fiber – The most natural path, plant fibers that have been ethically sources or wildcrafted can offer a beautifully natural choice of pendulum chain. Consider a DIY braided fiber if this is your preference.

Cleanse & Charge Your Pendulum

With pendulum in hand, it’s now time to dedicate your pendulum to the divination work you’ll be doing together. 

This looks different to every single person but commonly involves a simple process of cleansing the pendulum and charging or dedicating it to create a clear working relationship. 

If this sounds complicated, don’t worry about it. It’s a personal process that you can spend as much or as little time on as you choose. 

What’s important to understand is that you and your pendulum can form a connection with each other, one that increases the sensitivity and understanding you achieve in your pendulum work. 

So what does a cleansing and charging of your pendulum look like? 

We’ve written guides on both cleansing crystals and charging crystals, and the process is essentially the same, but let’s cover the basics for quick reference. 

Cleansing Your Pendulum

Common methods of cleansing spiritual tools include, smoke cleansing with incense, water cleansing and salt cleansing. Whichever method you choose, take time to enjoy the process of starting over both in your own experience and with that of your new pendulum. 

Charging Your Pendulum

Charging your pendulum is simply the fun aspect of dedicating or priming your pendulum to work more closely with the energy that is you. There is no special ceremony needed, just an honest and open desire to work together with the elements and materials you’ve chosen to use in your practice. Charging can consist of simply sitting and understanding your pendulum, to actively engaging your pendulum with a desired essence. All this depends on your desire and level of understanding of your own spiritual connection.

Ask A Question

Pendulums work well on a simple question and answer basis.

Whereas tarot and other forms of highly visual divination can engage a question deeply, pendulum work is often though of as a much simpler method, though this is not the case for everyone. 

Put simply, when you begin to learn to use your pendulum it can be helpful to learn to use a simple method of Yes or No question and answer formatting. 

Pendulum boards, cloths, and cardinal direction work are all wonderfully useful tools to enhance your pendulum divination work. Let’s explain in a bit more detail.

Tools For Pendulum Questions

To get started, a simple tool to help you develop your pendulum work can be helpful. Here are a few to choose from.

Pendulum Boards & Cloths – A simple board made from wood, a cotton sheet, or even just a piece of paper can be used in your pendulum work. Use a vertical and horizontal axis to differentiate Yes from No. As in, up and down = Yes, and left and right = No.

Pendulum Divination Through Directions – Some choose to “zoom out” their pendulum work by situating themselves outside while using the cardinal directions as a reference point for their yes and no answers. Any variation of the two forms will work, so do what you feel is best!

How To Ask & Receive

When you’re ready to seek a bit more clarity on a subject, prepare you mind and body with some simple meditation or quiet reflection to enhance your clarity. 

When the time comes to ask, hold your pendulum in a secure and comfortable way over your board and quiet your mind until it comes to rest with little to no movement. 

Bring a question into your mind that can easily be answered by your pendulum. Let it rise inside your minds eye as you focus simply on the question and remove the pendulum from your thoughts. It can help to close your eyes as you do this to heighten your other senses. 

Let yourself understand that the answer comes from within you and is formulated from all you can understand both in the physical and nonphysical. 

Open you eyes and receive your answer based on the direction your pendulum is moving. 

Common Pendulum Questions

Many questions will arise when you first start pendulum dowsing for your simple questions. We’ve done our best to answer many of them to help make your learning process easier. 

What If My Pendulum Moves In Circles?

This is common if you’ve not been clear enough in your question, or your question cannot be answered at this time. Try asking again in anther way after you’ve centered yourself once again.

What Does It Mean When My Pendulum Moves At An Angle Between Yes And No?

Some interpret this as a “maybe” answer, although it can also be evidence that you may not be in the right mental state right now. Try taking a break, slowing down, and spending time in a relaxed state before asking again.

Am I Faking The Answers I Receive?

Only you can allow yourself to use a spiritual tool to its desired level of effectiveness. It’s a deeply personal process that asks you to become aware of both conscious and subconscious thought and how these relate into physical action. Experiment, let it be fun and switch up your process and see where it takes you. Only you can decide if a tool is helpful and brings value to your life.


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