Oracle Cards

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Oracle Cards

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Oracle cards can be a fascinating and eye opening experience for those who open themselves up to using them. They are incredibly well suited to be used alongside your favorite tarot deck to add a modern insight, yet also stand alone to provide insight into the ways that the universe works with and alongside you.

Oracle cards speak through a much different lens than that of tarot or any other form of divination since they are created by a an individual with their own experience of the divine. 

Think of them as a modern lens by which to better understand your current spiritual state.

This modern lens or perspective is what makes oracle cards wildly unique and in turn, provides a distinctive outlook on questions you ask during your divination practice. 

In this guide we’ll give you some insights into how to use oracle cards in a general way to create forward motion in your life. 

We’ll cover both beginner and advanced insights, so there’s something here for everyone! Let’s get started. 

Develop A Relationship With Your Cards

As with any spiritual tool, it can be extremely useful to you to develop a sense of connection with whatever you’re using. This is exceptionally true with oracle cards. 

Developing a relationship means understanding the spiritual position of these cards for you personally. 

Why do you have them, what do they help you accomplish, and how do they encourage you to become empowered? These are all great questions to ask at the start when you first come to own a new oracle deck. 

This relationship or connection that you create with your cards helps you develop confidence and trust in your oracle divination process, and as you use them you’ll better understand when and how to use them as time goes on. 

Pull A Card (Or Several!)

There are no dedicated spreads or set layouts associated with oracle cards as each deck is individual to its author, and unlike Tarot, there is no universal set of interpretations available. 

Each deck is unique and becomes a fluid tool for the reader to use to answer specific questions about a possible outcome or current situation. 

With that said, here are a few common ways oracle cards are used in divinatory work. 

Single Card Pull

This oracle pull is exactly as it sounds, and is a great way to work with your oracle cards when you don’t have a lot of time to work with. 

Simply sit quietly and enjoy your cards, your environment and yourself for a bit, then let your mind focus on a question that is meaningful to you. As you do this, relax and spread your cards out in front of you and let yourself be drawn to a single card. 

Pull the card, flip it and begin to contemplate the meaning. Let your heart and your mind become engaged in the process as you come to a conclusion.

Simple and effective!

Past Present Future

Another great oracle spread is the past, present future pull. 

Spread your cards out in front of you as you prepare to draw three cards.

The first card will be placed on your far left. This is the past. Where you’ve been, what you’ve experienced in your past, and represents the decisions you’ve already made that will affect your future. Enjoy the artwork of the card, take in the symbolism and let the meaning begin to formulate in a broad sense. 

Next, pull a second card. This oracle card will represent you current situation and give you insight into the immediate opportunities, aspects, problems and solutions that you have a direct influence over in the now. Let your mind wander of ways this card might be revealing new aspects of your truth to you. 

Finally, pull a third card and place it on the far right side. This card represents aspects of your future that can be influenced and lived out by your current actions. This is not a guaranteed outcome, but simply represents a trajectory that you are currently on. Change is always in your power, yet we are sometimes slow to change due to our subconscious patterns. Look, listen and divine a truth and a course of action that you desire based on what you discover. in this card.

Weekly Reading

Finally, a last basic oracle reading can be used to align your week and better understand what may be on the horizon for you. 

Pull three cards as in the past, present, future reading. These three cards from left to right represent what the energies or experiences will transpire at the beginning, middle and end of your week. 

Learn to read these not as a definite outcome, but rather a general aspect of the energy that you may encounter. You’ll find these to be a fun and engaging way of staying mindful of your spiritual energy during the week ahead.

Listen, Learn & Come To A Conclusion

Lastly, draw your attention to a new way of interpreting the cards in front of you. If you’re used to tarot or any other form of divination that brings with it recommended ways to interpret the elements before you, you might find it refreshing to know that oracle cards are generally open to interpretation. 

Of course almost all decks come with a book of suggested interpretations based off the inspirations of the deck author, but these are suggestions alone, and many find that oracle cards are fun, useful and exciting because they allow a lot of freedom to intuitively feel the meaning within. 

A simple process is to listen, learn and come to a conclusion. 

After you pull a card, sit with it and listen to the design, colors, symbolism, wording, and any other delightful features that pop out to you. Formulate a general feeling and association to your current situation and leave it at that for a moment if you’d still like more clarity. 

Next, learn a bit about the authors perspective if you feel led to understand more by studying the decks instruction book or card manual. There is a wealth of information available to us in these provided resources as each oracle deck is unequivocally unique.

And finally, a simple feeling of knowing is most likely resting inside you at this point. The conclusion that you’ve come to in your mind based on your initial question is one to trust and enjoy. 

Enjoy the surprise, wonder and insight that you gain from this process as you move forward in your week. 


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