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Damiana Properties

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The versatility of Damiana is often shown through its massive visionary and sensual qualities. Its robust magical energy is also utilized to intensify one’s astral travel and clairvoyance. The active energy of the body’s natural barriers and inhibitions that limit our capacity to perform is thoroughly dissolved with the use of Damiana combined with other protective herbs.

For centuries, this herb has been a renowned aphrodisiac in Mexico and is one of the principal elements used in making spells for lust and sexual magic to overcome sexual difficulties and later on improve their sexual relationships. Native Mexicans stood by the belief that drinking Damiana tea mixed with sugar and other sweeteners enhances lovemaking or catches a desired lover.

As a natural aphrodisiac, Damiana is baked in bread and other pastries to produce the aroma of home and hearth while intensifying the romantic feelings between lovers. Its relaxing effect on the mind and body makes it an extraordinary herb to ease anxiety, mild depression, and gives comfort to the stomach when experiencing constipation.

Damiana is most remarkable as a love herb as it gives off heat-enhancing energy that attracts a person towards the opposite sex, hence, evoking a whirlwind of romantic relationships. Damiana, in a deeper sense, imbues good fortune and inspires luck in one’s quest for a magical life and love.

Damiana’s Correspondences

Planets: Venus, Pluto
Signs: Scorpio, Aries
Element: Fire
Energy: Feminine
Deity: Freya, Pan, Oshun

Damiana Magical Correspondences

Damiana’s Magical Uses

Lucid Dreaming

To open their minds and receive inner messages with clarity while they sleep, witches can drink Damiana tea before going to bed or before scrying. A tonic made from Damiana combined with Passion Flower, Lavender and other sleep aid herbs encourage a relaxed lucid dreaming and a guided journey while diving deeper into the mystery of their dreams.


Damiana is an herb that transmits a high dose of vitality to invigorate the soul and enliven the spirit. Wearing Damiana charms energizes your body to experience the feeling of aliveness both in the physical and mental sense. Slipping a sachet of Damiana inside a pouch will encourage vitality as you execute your daily routines and accomplish them with fulfillment and a smile on your face.


Besides tarot cards and other card based practices, asking for messages and signs from the divine also helps in predicting, or even discovering, what the mysterious future holds. Burn dried Damiana leaves or flowers, place it on your altar and allow its smoke to envelope your mind while you work with runes, pendulums, scrying or any other spiritual working, and ask guidance to the divinities to help you see vivid images of the future.


As a powerful herb of love, Damiana is brimming with magical uses when it comes to love. Sprinkle Damiana leaves around your house to attract love, burning Damiana on a charcoal along with ground Lavender will lead to a passionate night and an environment filled with romance. Carry a pinch of Damiana and two small lodestones in a red flannel bag or roll love candles in Damiana for extra love luck. Mix Damiana flowers to your bath or add a small pinch to the food of your lover to create an exceptional love potion.

Astral Projection

For witches to experience an incredible sensation and dreamlike travel while they enter a different kind of consciousness, Damiana leaves can be made into an infusion or tea and drank before meditation to create ‘mind palaces’. These Damiana concoctions can also be taken before going to bed to alter the level of your consciousness and begin an adventure in different worlds.

Damiana’s Medicinal Properties

Improves Mood

Drinking a morning tea made from Damiana leaves is thought to improve one’s mood and releases stress to put the mind at ease.

Alleviates Headaches

Herbalists believe that inhaling Damiana eases headaches and migraines caused by fatigue.

Regulates Menstruation

It is believed that capsules and tinctures made from Damiana regulate the menstrual cycle and alleviates the symptoms of painful menstruation.

Appetite Suppressant

Damiana is thought to be an effective supplement that suppresses the appetite to assist in weight loss.

Boosts Blood Flow

Herbalists believe that Damiana leaves contain flavonoid compounds that boost the blood flow.

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