How To Cleanse Crystals

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How To Cleanse Crystals

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Crystals are a wonderful tool to help you focus, manifest and attract the energy and things you want to bring into your life. Crystal care is important to help with this, but how to you cleanse crystals and why is this an important part of your spiritual process? 

Crystals take on unique attributes and energies from the world around them. From their very formation to the environment that they live in, these crystals are developing their unique attributes all the time. 

This can be good and bad. Crystals can be infused with energy and intention and used to enhance our own focus and manifestations. 

But in the same way, crystals can also take on negative energy and are very sensitive to stagnation and unwanted attributes. 

This makes cleansing your crystals a very important part of your crystal routine. 

Crystal Cleansing Basics

There are three main ways to cleanse crystals. These are not the only ways, as everyone can build their own process and design their own crystal cleansing routines as they feel led to. 

The following ways are easily accomplished for most people no matter their living situation and they don’t require any special tools except a few items you may already have lying around your home. 

Cleansing Crystals With Water

Water is probably the most common way to cleanse your crystals. The element of water is know to be wildly purifying and an excellent natural element to draw out unwanted aspects of energy within your crystals.

We’ll take you through 3 steps to cleanse your crystals in the comfort of your home so you can cleanse your crystals all year long no matter what the weather is outside. 

Feel free to take creative liberties in your process. Using rain, streams, snow and any other meaningful aspect of nature in your cleansing process is a great way to increase your connection to them. 

1. Gather Your Items

Have your supplies collected before you begin. This process can be spiritual in nature, like a form of meditation, so minimizing interruptions is a great idea. A few recommended items include:

  • Clean water
  • A cup, mug or bowl that is beautiful or meaningful to you
  • A large catch bowl for the extra water
  • A soft tea towel or washcloth 

2. Prepare Your Mind

Find a quiet space in your home and relax with all of your cleansing items in front of you. Just before you cleanse your crystals is a great time to slip in your meditation practice.

Relax and allow yourself to focus on raising your vibration. Visualize a white light welling up inside you and focus this feeling into your crystal cleansing in the moments to follow.

3. Cleanse & Dry

Take your crystal in one hand and the small cup or bowl in the other and simply pour a steady stream of water over top of your crystal as you let your own cleansing energy flow as well. 

Visualize all the negative or unwanted energies being drawn out of your crystal and swept away into the catch bowl below.

When you feel you’re finished, place the crystal in a dry towel to air dry. A window sill in the warm sun can help your crystals dry and radiate even stronger, but a clean shelf is also a lovely spot for them to dry.

Cleansing Crystals With Smoke

Smoke is another amazing tool available to you. Any clean and safe form of smoke can be used such as an ethically sourced smoke wand, incense smoke, or even a campfire.

As always, when using flame in any form, please practice fire safety and use proper holders and firesafe dishes to contain your smoke wands and incense.

Here are the steps to cleanse your crystals with smoke.

1.Decide On Your Smoke Source

Incense cones are a favorite since they are stable, safe and can be placed in front of you easily. 

Smoke wands are another common tool for smoke cleansing, but please make sure to use wands made from ethically and sustainably sourced material. 

Camp fires are a favorite as well, but not always accessible to everyone during the year. Choose clean and dry wood that you have a connection to to enhance the cleanse. 

2. Mentally Prepare

Visualize clarity and purification inside yourself first and meditate on these aspects before you cleanse your crystals.

Focus on the good feeling that being refreshed brings and elevate that feeling into a consuming emotion of love and gratitude. 

Use this heightened emotion in your smoke cleansing process.

3.  Encircle With Smoke

Wash your hands and wrists and let the smoke envelop your crystal as you roll it around within it. 

Visualize the purity of the smoke and the fire energy it holds within it. Let this energy cleanse your crystal as it takes the unwanted energy upward and away from your space.

Cleansing Crystals With Salt

Salt is another fantastic way to cleanse your crystals. It’s clean, simple and a highly effective way to remove the unwanted aspects of energy that your crystals have collected.

Let’s call this the “easy” way to cleanse your crystals. 

For all the times you don’t have energy or space to do a full cleansing meditation practice, salt cleansing has you back. 

To cleanse your crystals with salt, simply fill a small bowl with sea salt and immerse your crystals entirely within the salt. 

Feel free to leave them for as long as you need to, and when you return, your crystals will be ready to charge with your desired intention.

Common Crystal Cleansing Questions

Can All Of My Crystals Be Cleansed In Water?

Not all crystals are compatible with water. To name only a few, Fluorite, Selenite, Labradorite, Pyrite and Hematite should not be placed in water as they will either dissolve or lose their luster.

Can I Cleanse My Crystals Outside In A Lake Or Stream?

Absolutely! There are two schools of thought on water cleansing–natural and tap. Some have access to clean, natural water sources while others don’t or don’t trust the quality of water in their surrounding area. 

Truthfully, whether you place your crystals in a creek in your backyard or pour clean and spiritually purified water over them is only up to personal preference. 

Do I Need To “Claim” My New Crystals?

It’s not a bad idea! As with Tarot decks and other spiritual tools, we generate an energetic bond that grows with time. If someone else has done this before you with the crystals you now own, it can be a great idea to mark the transfer of ownership if you intend to charge them on an ongoing basis.

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