How To Charge Crystals

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How To Charge Crystals

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Crystals are such an amazing tool to use to help you focus your intention on things that will make your life and experience better. In this guide we’ll teach you how to charge your crystals and the main ways you can empower them with your ideal intentions.

From time to time your crystals can benefit from being charged to increase their potency. Whether you are someone who uses crystals to store your intentions, or simply employ them for their inherent energy, charging crystals is a must. 

To charge your crystals most effectively it can be helpful to first cleanse them, so make sure you don’t skip this step. We’ve written a guide on cleansing crystals as well here. 

There are three main ways to think about crystal charging, and that’s what we’ll cover below. Let yourself feel out which one is best for you based of your natural inclinations.

Charging your crystals can be a fun, spiritually engaging process, so enjoy it as you let yourself become more engaged with your crystal collection.

Charging Crystals With Energy

There are a few different ways to think about crystal charging, and energetically charging your crystals is one of the more common ways of bringing a focused charge to your crystals. 

Energetic charging can be accomplished simply by choosing your intended energy to focus on and infusing your crystal with that energy so that it resonates with that same energy for as long as you need it to. 

That’s the simple explanation, but what does this look like if you’re a beginner? Let’s break down a few possible energetic charging steps.

Crystal Charging Steps

These are a few steps you could use to charge your crystals. Think of these as a quick start list, rather that the only way. Asl you get more comfortable with your crystals and charging process, you’ll naturally find your own way.

1. Choose Your Intention

First, become very clear on the intention you’d like to focus on. When you focus this intention into your crystal it will help you resonate that same energy in the future. Things like abundance, peace, sleep, patience, healing and pretty much anything else you can think of work well!

2. Raise Your Energy

Now it’s time to raise your personal energy to infuse that into your crystal. Meditation is a wonderful form of focus and repeating a mantra surrounding your chosen intention works well also. Sit quietly with your crystal in front of you as you begin to deeply feel your chosen intention with all of your emotions. Build your energy and let it rise to become a powerful feeling inside you. Rest with this feeling as long as you feel comfortable.

3. Charge Your Crystal

Now that you’ve raised your energy around a specific idea, you’re ready to transfer this energy into your crystal. Maintain your high vibration as you place your hands around your crystal. Envision a white light surrounding your crystal as you charge it with the same energy. 

Enjoy this feeling for as long as you’d like to. Then end the meditation when you’re ready.

Charging Crystals With The Elements

The natural elements of earth, air, fire and water are ever present in our daily lives. This makes them fantastic tools to use in our crystal charging.  

Let’s look at some ways you could use the four elements to infuse your crystals with beneficial energies.

The Earth Element

Traditionally, the earth is associated with the energies of comfort, money, career, grounding oneself, safety and many more grounded aspects of life.

A great way to charge your crystals with this kind of energy is to find a safe and clean spot outdoors to leave your crystals out overnight or even bury them in the earth to help them absorb the wonderful earth energy that is present in your local area.

The Air Element

The air element is often associated with communication, learning, relationships, and all things relating to your spiritual connection.

On a day when the air feels nice and breezy, place your crystals in an open space or on an open window sill to let the fresh air blow over them. Letting them sit outside in the cool night air is another excellent way to charge your crystals with the air element.

The Fire Element

The fire element is know to be associated with life force or energy,  love, passion, creativity and energy.

Always use appropriate fire safety measures in your cleansing, and when you find yourself in such an environment, charge your crystals with the fire element by letting them take in smoke and gentle heat from a small campfire, by passing them quickly through the heat of a candle, or by letting them take in the full heat from the sun on a hot day.

The Water Element

The water element works with the aspects of emotions, the inner mind, higher self, healing, maturity, and your life’s path.

You can use the energies of water to charge your crystals by letting them rest in a wild stream or lake for a moment, or by running clean water over top of them.

*Be careful to make sure your crystal can be exposed to water without damaging it, as not all crystals can tolerate exposure to water.

Charging Crystals With The Planets

The celestial bodies affect our lives in ways that are not yet fully understood even today, but what we do know is that these celestial correspondences can be meaningful tools to assist us in our spiritual paths.

We’ll let the definition of the “planets” include the sun, moon and other celestial bodies that are not technically classified as planets to simplify. Feel free to use your own definition if you’d like.

You don’t have to be an astrology expert to use the planets to charge your crystals. If you feel connected to an aspect of the cosmos, do a bit of research to find out where and when your planet, star or constellation will be present above your horizon and charge your crystals accordingly.

Here are a few examples of  planets, stars and constellations to give you some ideas.

The Sun

The sun is a wonderful tool to honor as you charge your crystals. It represents vital energy, the element of fire, well-being, health and consciousness. Let your inner self come to its own conclusions about how the sun can help you.

To charge, simply let your crystals rest in the hot sun in a clean area where they won’t be disturbed.

The Moon

The moon offers many wonderful phases to us to work with in terms of crystal charging. The full moon can represent our hard work and intentions manifesting, while the new moon is often thought of as a time for planting seeds of desire and intention. 

Keep these themes in mind as you set your crystals out in the light (or dark) of the moon to charge them accordingly.


Mars is associated with desire, energy, action and more. If you desire to bring more mars energy into your crystals for future empowerment, set out your crystals under a day or night sky that features Mars prominently overhead, or during a time when mars enters an associated astrological sign.

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