Crystals For Love

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Crystals For Love

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As a spiritual being, you have an instinct to seek for love, whether it is in the form of self-love, intimate love, or acceptance. Above all actions, thoughts, and words, love is the most powerful force that can heal and enlighten the energy within your body.

When you are filled with love, it automatically increases the quality of your thoughts and makes it easier for you to be in harmony with the people and things around you.

You become more compassionate and understanding to others and yourself.

While we are capable of attracting love ourselves, crystals can help amplify the energy of love and distribute it in all the aspects of your life, even the areas that you might have taken for granted.

Crystals for love are best used by people who are more likely to put others first rather than themselves, people who are experiencing emotional trauma because of a broken relationship, people who need more self-loving experiences, and people who are simply in need of spiritual healing through love.

How To Use Crystals For Love

There are different crystals that you can choose from, each having their special purpose. Just like picking other crystals, picking a crystal to use for the intention of love must be done with focus is essential. It is important to choose a crystal that you like because it is most likely the best crystal to collaborate with.

Intending love in your life is a sensitive matter as a wrong intention may cause upheaval or irreversible turmoil.

Your intention should not rule out other people’s freedom of choice or cause pain in others.

When you ask for love, it should always be positive and constructive.

Crystals can also be used to aid in spiritual divination or tarot reading focused on inviting love to your life or nurturing the relationships you have whether it is with your family, spouse, or friends.

Our Favorite Crystals For Love

Rose Quartz Crystals For Love

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the master healer of crystals, making it an essential crystal to add in your collection. Its pink hues attracts all types of love and inspires compassion, softness, and empathy. It is a crystal for unconditional love.

Rhodonite Crystals For Love


Rhodonite is considered to be a crystal for self-love and healing. It is a crystal suited to heal a broken heart. It inspires forgiveness towards the self and the person who caused the pain. Rhodonite gives you the strength to release the fear of moving forward on your path.

Tiger's Eye Crystals For Love

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal of insight, grounding, and confidence. This crystal allows you to have the confidence to express repressed emotions that are not serving you or the person involved. It dispels any type of contempt and allows love to flow freely in both directions.

Moonstone Crystals For Love


Moonstone captivated jewelers and wedding ring crafters in the Art Nouveau period. Moonstone is a love crystal that symbolizes everlasting love, nourishment, and fertility. It is the best crystal to give to a new love, a fiance, or a family member you love dearly.

Blue Lace Agate Crystals For Love

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a crystal with a light purple to a bluish tone. It is linked with the throat chakra and it aids improvement of communication between two points of light, which in this case, is your loved one. It heals trauma caused by a reckless argument or a dispute.

Emerald Crystals For Love


Emerald is a crystal associated with the heart chakra. Its lush, dark green shade shows a connection with nature and the Divine self. It opens the heart and inspires you to become more generous and giving, knowing you already have all that you need.

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