Crystals For Grief

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Crystals For Grief

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Crystals for grief can help you overcome the sadness and despair that accompany the loss of a loved one.

The feeling of grief can also blind you from seeing your gifts and your powers and disabling you from tuning in to higher vibrations. This creates a negative ‘domino effect’ in the mind, resulting in the physical creation of events that seem to become worse as time progresses.

Spiritual practice with the use of crystals can help you become attuned with your intuition, providing you a clear acknowledgment of your emotions and a stable trust in uncertainty which are two important things that can help you move forward. This is because crystals contain certain vibrations from nature that can aid in healing and recovery from trauma.

Embracing crystals into your spiritual practice can help you reconnect with nature as well.

How To Use Crystals For Grief

Nature has always been known for its ability to heal its inhabitants with love, peace, and connection.

When grief comes in, you lose your connection with the universe and it becomes hard to visualize your interconnectedness with every being on the planet. You start having feelings of unworthiness and guilt that can become altered into destructive actions towards yourself and others.

Once cleansed and charged with an intention, a crystal has the power to dispel fruitless emotions and restore the life force energy within the body.

To use crystals in your spiritual practice, begin by choosing a crystal that you are attracted to. Once you have chosen and cleansed your crystal, set a time when you can’t be disturbed. Follow the practice by meditating with your crystal and focusing on the intention to embody peace and love in your life.

Alternatively, your chosen crystal can also be used to assist the surrounding energies to guide you in a tarot reading or divination practices.

Our Favorite Crystals For Grief

Clear Quartz Crystals For Grief

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the most versatile crystal that you can have in your collection. This crystal represents all the chakras and can be used to heal you from different types of trauma including the loss of a family member or a spouse. Clear quartz can help you regain clarity and peace after a traumatic event.

Amethyst Crystals For Grief


Amethyst is a crystal greatly associated with intuition, trust, and healing. This crystal has the power to soften your heart after it is broken by mental or physical abuse. This purple crystal can help you become more understanding, empathetic, and compassionate even towards who has hurt you.

Rose Quartz Crystals For Grief

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a stone for love. This crystal can restore loving energy in the body and unblock all misaligned paths to allow love to flow freely into the body. Rose quartz is a beautiful pink stone best used for people searching for love or couples who are trying to mend a broken relationship.

Moonstone Crystals For Grief


Grief can sometimes blind you from your purpose. Because Moonstone is considered the “Traveller’s Stone”, this crystal can put you back on the path where you left off before you experienced severe emotional damage.

Citrine Crystals For Grief


Citrine is the crystal of sunshine. This warm and light-colored crystal can brighten up your soul with its unique qualities. Citrine can motivate you to finally get on your feet and dispel procrastination and idleness caused by grief and depression.

Lapis Lazuli Crystals For Grief

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of power, wisdom, and truth. This crystal restores your power by connecting you back to your divine energy source. Lapis Lazuli can help you see beyond your situation by gaining crucial insight from it rather than feeling unworthy of attaining prosperity into your life.

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