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Cosmic Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

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The cosmic witch is a witch that uses the planets and celestial movements and their associated energies in their craft. They have a special connection to the cosmos, and feel their energy heightened when working with the planets.

Many different types of witches practice elements of cosmic witchcraft already as they revere the moon and follow her cycles, or how star signs are analyzed and applied to spellwork to amplify the power and speed of those spells.

The cosmic witch differs in that, they devote their time and intention to understanding the cosmos and working with the planets, stars, celestial events and even celestial deities on a regular basis.

What Is Cosmic Witchcraft?

Cosmic Witchcraft is the study of astronomy, astrology, the cosmos and the practical application of correspondences between the celestial bodies to raise energy and work magic.

It takes into account the location of the planets and stars, and allows context for which to work spells within. For example, a classical planetary correspondence is the position and phase of the moon. Each month, new moon magic can be worked when the moon is dark to begin new projects and manifestations.

Moon Magic

Moon magic is a great place to start with cosmic witchcraft. The moon has many phases during the course of a month. Choose the phases that speak most to you and become curious about their seen and unseen powers and how they can affect your spellwork and life.

Birth Charts

If you want to begin to gain technical knowledge of the cosmos and apply it into a practical context, create your birth chart. A birth chart is a written picture of the sky at the moment of your birth . It reveals the precise location of each of the planets and which constellation they occupied.


Choose a planet, constellation or celestial deity that you feel drawn to and begin to meditate with that object in mind. Learn more about it through contemplation and study.

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