Correllian Witchcraft

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Well Divined
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Correllian Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

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The Correllian Witch is part of a tradition founded by Orpheis Caroline High Correll that is often called Correllian Nativist Wicca, and practices based on the idea that inner truth is universal in nature.

Since Correllian Witchcraft teaches that Deity enters the life of the seeker in a way that can be best understood by them, Deity is key to the beneficial magic of this tradition.

If you are someone who believes in your personal power and magic of the soul, this tradition will help you become more aware of the deep layers of your being through connection and effort of the conscious mind.

What Is Correllian Witchcraft?

This excerpt from the Correllian Wicca website can best define this path:

“Correllian Wicca believes that there is one source from which all paths come and go from, and this idea carrys over into the freedom to choose your own path as a Correllian Witch. Correllianism believes that “the Gods” are the human way of understanding and interacting with Deity, which is transcendent in nature and beyond humankind’s ultimate ability to fully understand.

‘The Gods’ fulfill the individual’s needs in reaction to their time and place, to help them interact with Deity in the most effective way available to them. The many faces which people have developed for Deity are all equally true and equally accurate, but also all equally short of the ultimate transcendent nature of Deity.”

How To Learn

Correllian Wicca has a global family that has a lot of information on their website. Just search Correllian Wicca and you won’t miss it!

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