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Citrine Crystals

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Citrine is a yellow stone in the quartz family. You can find them in a range of colors from an almost clear pale yellow to a deep amber. It is a very strong manifestation stone and is extremely popular among crystals.

Citrine stones are what you make of them.

Its name derives from the word citron, which is the French word for lemon. It has been used for ages as far back as Ancient Greece and Rome where it was placed as decoration. It became more popular as jewelry later on as royalty showed off the beauty of it.

Citrine is light in its essence.

When your soul needs a pick-me-up, you can count on a citrine to bring it to you. But you have to be willing to work along with it. Unlike most stones, the citrine refuses to hold onto negative energy. Instead, it grounds it and sends it away.

When you’re in search of clarity or you need a way to push your intent to the next level, a citrine may just be the stone you’re looking for.

Citrine Correspondences

Ruling Planets: Jupiter
Astrological Signs: Aries / Gemini
Elements: Air
Deities: Demeter / Sekhmet

Citrine Properties

Citrine is the natural birthstone for those born in the beginning of the summer season in June. It isn’t used as a modern birthstone, though it is sometimes grouped with Topaz in November. It also represents the zodiac sign of Cancer.

There is some debate regarding many of the citrine’s properties.

Elementally, citrine is placed as both a fire stone and an air stone by different people. Given its incredible versatility, it’s easy to understand the divide.

Citrine is a calming stone. It helps you with meditation and mindfulness, clearing away what muddles you. It can ease tension, fear, and anxiety when worn. Citrine is a clear beam of positivity, making you feel as light as air.

On the other hand, citrine can help you drive your ambitions.

Known as the merchant stone, citrine is often used in the pursuit of wealth and prosperity. It is a powerful amplification stone that takes your intent and proudly radiates it into the world. Citrine takes your energy and uses it to help you become more confident. It is as mutable as fire.

It’s hardly a surprise that citrine is associated with the goddess Demeter who brings about harvest after harsh winter as well as deities of war such as Mercury and Sekhmet.

Citrine is also related to the sun and the planets Mercury and Jupiter.

The properties of a citrine are vast. It absorbs the energy you present it with and amplifies your intentions into the world. It can be used for protection, for attracting wealth, and for clearing up misunderstandings. You can even use it to help with creativity.

It’s truly an invaluable part of anyone’s crystal collection.

Citrine Properties

How To Cleanse Citrine

Water is the most obvious choice for cleansing stones. Any running water will do, though a river is ideal to wash away the energies it possessed before you got it. If the properties of another type of water appeal to you more — use it.

To cleanse using earth, you should wrap your citrine in a cloth bag and bury it in the ground for 24 hours. You can do this at any time, although full moons make for the most powerful cleanse.

Herbal cleansing, such as incense or smoke wands are also fantastic for cleansing stones of energy. Just be careful when you use flames as citrine can be damaged in too much heat.

How To Charge Citrine

The simplest and most straightforward way to charge a crystal is to leave it out under the sun or the moon. Different moon phases will charge your citrine with different properties.

If you’d like a more specific charge, you’ll want to handle your citrine. Try holding the stone between your hands as you meditate. Focus your mind on your intention as you power the citrine with it.

You can also perform a ritual with the stone to charge it with the intent to bring prosperity, protect you, enhance your psychic abilities, or simply cleanse you and other stones.

How To Use Citrine

Wearing citrine will bring the intent you charged it with everywhere you go.

Citrine can be used in your ritual work as a placeholder for the element of air or fire, depending on what you connect it with. It can be used as an offering and calling card for a deity that you work with in your practice.

The citrine is a rare stone in that it is one of the only ones that can be used to cleanse other stones. Sometimes it is referred to as a self-cleaning crystal as it takes in negative energy and dissipates it.

Consider citrine when constructing your wand. Its ability to take in your energy and intent and amplify it makes it perfect for aiding in your spell work.

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