Ceremonial Witchcraft

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Ceremonial Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

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Ceremonial Magic is a very structured approach to attaining enlightenment that uses many long, complex and elaborate rituals to bring about desired outcomes.

The practice of this form of magic is often called “High Magic”, and it is highly ritualistic, drawing it’s ritual from writings dating far back in history.

The rituals are performed to call on and invoke spirits of the other planes of existence to assist in desired outcomes here in ours.

This path of witchcraft may be right for you if you’re very traditional in nature, and you would like to learn how to manipulate your physical world through the use of structured, age-old ritualistic practice.

What Is Ceremonial Magic?

Ceremonial Magic is not considered to be a form of Witchcraft, but many Witches learn and practice it as such.

Ceremonial Magic takes its structure and ritual from traditions like Enochian magic, Thelema, Hermetic Qabalah and more. It is also paired to the study of the Occult and the supernatural. There’s a lot of study and knowledge required, so if you’re new to witchcraft, know this fact from the start.

So how can you get started?

Join A Group

Do your research and find a group that practices ceremonial magick near you if possible.

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