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Catnip Properties

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Catnip Leaf was valued for its capacity to calm anxiety and nervousness. As noted on its name, Catnip is most popular for the effects it imbues on cats. This herb produces a state of euphoria to cats which results in behaviors that are frequently difficult to predict.

The use of Catnip root is said to help a person become aggressive and fierce. Holding Catnip until it is warm and holding a person’s hand afterward will strengthen and make your friendship lasts as long as you keep the leaf in a safe place.

Catnip leaf is also a popular ingredient to love spells and is recognized as a women’s love herb for its ability to make a woman enticing and charming to any man and paves a way for new relationships to blossom.

As a very protective and healing herb to children, Catnip calms a child’s rowdy behavior, especially at bedtime. This herb is also linked to bees. Rubbing a leaf on the hive draws a new swarm. Catnip is also used to enhance fertility not only of the body but also in various magical endeavors. Large Catnip leaves are pressed on pages to create bookmarks to magical texts.

Catnip Leaf is an exceptional magnet for positive energies. It is an herb that brings a multitude of calming effects on the mind and body. Catnip has a rich reputation of centering you with your energy to bring you to a state of confidence to put your talents and abilities to work.

Catnip Correspondences

Planet: Venus
Sign: Pisces, Cancer
Element: Water
Energy: Feminine
Deities: Sekhmet, Bast

Catnip Magical Correspondences

Catnip’s Magical Uses

Money & Abundance

To any witch who has a desire to attract more money to them or others, Basil is a powerful herb that attracts abundance when used in spells and rituals. Use it to dress green candles, place a basil leaf in your wallet to attract and retain money, and grow a basil plant as a physical representation of the abundance that resides within you and your home.

Astral Projection

To “fly”, or travel to the other plane of non ordinary reality, is the desire of some witches. Basil has been said to aid in this journey of astral projection through the use of Basil “juice”. Witches would drink a decoction of Basil tea to induce a shift in consciousness and travel to the unseen world.


Basil is a highly protective herb that keeps away unwanted energy, people and spirits. Sprinkle dried and crushed basil leaves around your home as a ward, or hang a sprig of fresh basil over your doorways, letting it dry, to offer protection to all that come and go.


Basil has long been used as a tool to work love and relationship magic and to divine the state of current relationships. Place two fresh basil leaves over a burning charcoal. If the leaves burn quickly and steadily, you have nothing to fear. If the leaves fly away or burn unevenly, perhaps a second look at the relationship is required.

Catnip’s Medicinal Properties


Catnip is helpful in aiding in relaxation and acts similarly to Valerian as it relaxes mind, and in turn, body.

Mood Boosting

Use catnip leaf in an herbal infusion to product a mild sedative effect known to in turn boost mood and mental performance.

Intestinal Cramps

Catnip has been used to ease intestinal cramps as well as aid in menstrual cycles and supporting the onset of menstruation.

Increase Appetite

If decreased appetite is causing problems for you, catnip can be a helpful herbal ally to increase appetite.

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