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Carnelian Crystal

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Carnelian is a stone of action.

This fiery stone comes in shades that range from a gentle pinkish-orange to a deep brown, though its most notable colors are vibrant shades of orange and red.

Since ancient times, the carnelian has been used to imbue the wearer with courage. It turned a meek speaker bold. It propelled warriors into battle with a fiery passion. They were also used to show rank among the builders of Egypt and high priests in the church.

A battle isn’t the only place a carnelian can come in handy, though.

Because of its beautiful hues, carnelian was often used to adorn breastplates and goblets as well as made into jewelry that makes a bold statement.

Keeping a carnelian palm stone with you in your daily life will inspire you. No matter what you’re intent on tackling this stone will push you to get it done. It embodies the courage needed to get started on new ventures and the creativity to do the things you love.

Any lack of desire or motivation will be buoyed by the carnelian.

Take this vibrant stone with you to your classes, your interviews, and your performances. It will light a fire under you that refuses to be doused. It will help you show the world what you’re truly made of.

Carnelian Correspondences

Ruling Planets: Sun, Mars
Astrological Signs: Aries, Virgo
Elements: Fire
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Apollo, Isis, Ra, Sol

Carnelian Properties

When you think of a carnelian stone, you should think of action.

Courage is perhaps its strongest property. It will help you reach your goals by energizing you. The carnelian is especially potent for clarifying the voice, which is why it’s often referred to as The Singer’s Stone.

Whether you are on a stage to sing, give a speech, or interviewing for an important position your carnelian will be there for you.

This stone also serves as a source of inspiration and creativity. It was once a stone utilized by architects to show how adept they were at their craft. It will help stir your ideas in your mind and put them into practice.

Carnelians also offer protection of all kinds.

They are said to protect against illness. They get rid of negative energy. In the home, they protect from fire and burglary. They can also be used to protect against psychic attacks or spiritual attacks.

In much the same vein, the carnelian is a good luck charm.

Using a carnelian when you hope to prosper for something will add a little something extra to your wishes. It is undeniably a stone of good fortune.

Fire does not ignore passion. Desire, romance, and sex are all wound up in the carnelian as well. More specifically, it is the perfect stone to give you more confidence in the bedroom.

It is a stone for performers, after all.

Carnelian Properties

How To Cleanse Carnelian

Carnelians are a self-cleansing stone. They don’t truly need anything to keep them from holding negative energy.

If you feel that your carnelian needs a little extra help, cleanse it beneath the sun. Its fiery nature demands to be cleansed with the purest light.

For something more elementally tied, you can also cleanse it by placing it in a bag and burying it in the earth for 24 hours. Or you can wash it in the running water of a river or the still water of a lake.

Bathing it in an herbal smoke is always a good option. Simply pass your carnelian through the smoke to ward off any bad energy you feel is attached to it.

Other self-cleansing stones like quartz and amethyst can be used by placing them near the carnelian to remove negativity from it.

How To Charge Carnelian

Your carnelian is best charged in the sun. It draws its power from this great ball of fire and will better serve you when it’s been placed for a time in its natural element.

If you want something more specific, there are a number of ways you can charge your carnelian with the intent of your choosing.

Meditate while holding onto your carnelian or having it placed in front of you. Focus your mind on what you’d like your carnelian to help you with.

Perform a small ritual and place your carnelian with a corresponding candle color and other pieces that represent the energy you want to empower your carnelian with.

How To Use Carnelian

Wear a piece of carnelian jewelry to give you courage in your everyday life.

Bring carnelian with you to performances to make you bold and help you overcome your anxieties.

Place a carnelian in your bedroom to up the passion and give you confidence in the sheets.

Use a carnelian to represent the element of fire in your rituals.

Put your carnelian on your altar as an offering or representation of a deity you wish to honor.

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