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Blue Candles For Witchcraft

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Blue candles present a gentle but strong energy. In magic, blue candles call upon female forces, tranquility, and intensive stability. They establish harmony and bliss by transforming violence and rage into oneness and understanding between friends or families. These candles bring calm and peace from deep within in times of turmoil and demolish indecisiveness and the inability to decipher situations properly and aid in temperance and weight loss.

Dark blue candles correspond with the vast and predominant water element and are ruled by the fatherly energies of the planet Jupiter. The protection from lightning and thunder bestowed by blue candles is also linked to its connection to the chief Roman deity named Zeus or Jupiter. Its association with the throat chakra helps in clearing and strengthening communication lines while giving the courage to speak one’s long-held truth.

Blue candles in candle magic help in gaining focus and concentration, inspire justice and are used in spells for finding answers to life’s mysteries. Above all candles, the blue ones are prized for holding the key to opening doors, unlocking secrets, and providing the patience in seeking the truth.

With a very spiritual color, blue candles are strongly linked in religious symbols such as the cloak of the Virgin Mary. This connection paved a way for blue candles to possess the purity and holiness that came from the Virgin Mary.

In witchcraft, a tradition of burning blue candles, regardless of the shade, heightens spiritual awareness, clarity, and psychic powers. This tradition also summons and honors the deities related to rivers, lakes, sky, and seas. Lighting a blue candle encourages a person to have lucid and prophetic dreams.

Light blue candles are mostly used in performing tarot & oracle practices to bring enrichment and expansion to one’s horizons. When suffering from grief, hopelessness, and gloomy times, blue candles absorb negative emotions to diminish the weight carried in one’s heart.

Blue Candle Magic

Blue Candle Correspondences

Element: Water
Sign: Sagittarius
Planet: Jupiter
Day: Thursday
Number: 4,6
Stones: Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite

How To Charge Blue Candles

There are several easy yet effective ways of charging blue candles with a blasting energy that intensifies their power when used in spells especially those that involve healing, enhancing one’s career, or finding peace or serenity.

One of the most compelling ways to charge your blue candles is by calling upon Goddess Hecate at midnight. This will charge your blue candles with the protective energy of the Goddess that is known to be at its peak when the midnight strikes.

The shade of these candles is a common embodiment of the sky through its tranquil color. Use the night sky to charge your blue candles by laying them outside your house and soaking them with the energy of the sky. This process of charging blue candles can also be done during the daytime if that is what you prefer.

Blue candles can also be charged by placing it on the altar and since it is aligned with the energy of the planet Jupiter, set your blue candles in the middle of the altar. Do not forget to surround them with the smoke of Cinnamon incense to entice more energy to fill your blue candles and bolster up their charging process.

Blue Candle Spell Ideas

Visualization is the key to reap the best results from this blue candle spell called the career spell. Bring out your blue candles and decorate your altar with a blue cloth and other blue ornaments to assist you in performing this spell. This spell breaks any obstacle that may hinder you from achieving your goals. With an intention built so strong, success spells guide you along your path as you start your journey to a successful career.

To be in a creativity block can be very frustrating and discouraging. Bind creativity to you using blue candles to aid in breaking creativity block and get your creative juices flowing again. Casting creativity spells through the mind or words summon the wisdom and fresh ideas as well as brand new perspectives that help you in elevating your creativity in doing your craft.

Blue candles, due to their tranquil and comforting energy, are also used for emotional healing spells. This kind of spell releases soothing vibrations making it easier to deal with the blues or loneliness and other heavy emotions a person is feeling. Emotional healing candle spells through baths or chants lift and improve a person’s overall mood.

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