Solitary Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Solitary Witchcraft

The Solitary Witch is within us all.  To separate Witchcraft from one’s inner, highest self is to do it a disservice. And it is in those quiet moments of stillness that we do fight our most difficult battles of strength of mind, power of will and conscious creation of our

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Green Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Green Witchcraft

A Green Witch is much more than someone with an affinity for herbs and a green thumb. The natural world surrounds us every day and lends its abundance to us is ways that most people never even realize. Everything from the food we eat to the air we breathe to

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Kitchen Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Kitchen Witchcraft

Kitchen Witchcraft takes place in the heart of the home and is a fun and loving path that anyone can use to integrate magic into their daily life. Cooking has long been the most important life giving activity within the home, so it’s no wonder that Kitchen Witchcraft is so

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Eclectic Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Eclectic Witchcraft

Eclectic Witchcraft is a constantly evolving and divinely colorful path that incorporates many different traditions, cultures and influences into it. A Witch who follows this path is likely begin to use the tools and traditions that feel most comfortable to them and then become immersed in research and discovery of

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Traditional Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft

Traditional Witchcraft is a wonderful place to start your path from as it blends the many fragmented pieces of ancient craft into modern folk based beliefs and rituals. It is these common threads and traditions that our current working definition is built on. It’s important to realize that there isn’t

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Yellow Candle Magic

Yellow Candles

A candle of mental sharpness and power, yellow candles bring an uplifting and invigorating energy that lights up any room they are in. They symbolize cheerfulness, creativity, and a warmth that brings comfort to everyone. Lighting yellow candles in your candle magic practice brings clarity to every chaotic situation, it

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White Candle Magic

White Candles

White is an “all-purpose candle” used in numerous magical works to purify, restore, heal, and start a brand new chapter in one’s life. White spell candles are lit to manifest desires, used in prayers for oneself or loved ones, and are associated with pure devotion and remembrance. These candles also

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Red Candle Magic

Red Candles

Red candles are often associated with the power of love, passion, lust, and sex. This connection with the romantic aspect of one’s existence makes the red candles very much available and best deployed to assist in every magic spell to attract love, intensify one’s passion as well as seduction and

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Purple Candle Magic

Purple Candles

Purple candles are symbols of extravagance, wealth and royalty. They enhance spiritual connection and bring satisfaction to many pursuits involving the power of the mind or psyche. The use of purple candles releases progressive and protective energies that allow people to attain lasting fame, fortune, and life’s luxury. The two

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Pink Candle Magic

Pink Candles

Candle magic is a powerful form of magic used by many cultures for many purposes. Different representations and messages live in every candle which varies in every color. Pink candles are remarkable candles deeply woven with the ideas and principles of love and devotion. A lighter and more gentle shade

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Crystals For Protection

Everything in life contains energy. Although we find peace in solitude or during a spiritual practice, being exposed to negative energies is inevitable for everyone.

Samhain Sabbat


When Is Samhain? October 31st – November 1st Samhain is a very special sabbat for many Witches, and it’s even been called “The Witch’s New

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