Gardnerian Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Gardnerian Witchcraft

Gardnerian witches are proud to trace their lineage of teaching back to Gerald Gardner, who popularized what is commonly referred to as British Traditional witchcraft. If you’re new to witchcraft, you’ll find a lot of interesting and exciting information in this path that will help to grow your concept of

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Correllian Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Correllian Witchcraft

The Correllian Witch is part of a tradition founded by Orpheis Caroline High Correll that is often called Correllian Nativist Wicca, and practices based on the idea that inner truth is universal in nature. Since Correllian Witchcraft teaches that Deity enters the life of the seeker in a way that

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Cosmic Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Cosmic Witchcraft

The cosmic witch is a witch that uses the planets and celestial movements and their associated energies in their craft. They have a special connection to the cosmos, and feel their energy heightened when working with the planets. Many different types of witches practice elements of cosmic witchcraft already as

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Hereditary Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Hereditary Witchcraft

The hereditary witch is a witch that practices folk magic or witchcraft traditions that have been passed down between generations within their family. Often, hereditary witchcraft is practiced as a cultural expression as well, celebrating familial roots and following the traditions and rituals of that cultures pantheon. If you’ve heard

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Secular Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Secular Witchcraft

Secular Witchcraft is a wonderful path of witchcraft that takes a non-theistic approach to magic. If you’ve come from a deeply rigid religious structure, or you are wanting to start your spiritual journey over with a clean slate, a secular approach to witchcraft is a great place to begin anew.

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Ceremonial Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Ceremonial Witchcraft

Ceremonial Magic is a very structured approach to attaining enlightenment that uses many long, complex and elaborate rituals to bring about desired outcomes. The practice of this form of magic is often called “High Magic”, and it is highly ritualistic, drawing it’s ritual from writings dating far back in history.

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Sea Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Sea Witchcraft

The Sea Witch is often a solitary witch that honors a deep connection to the interplay between the land and the sea. Coastlines are a place of dynamic weather, shifting tides caused by the moon, and highly energetic elements at work. The Sea Witch style of witchcraft works with the

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Dianic Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Dianic Witchcraft

Dianic Witchcraft is a segment of witchcraft that celebrates the divine feminine and acknowledges it in every aspect of nature and beyond. This movement of witchcraft was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest. Dianic Witches practice many of the same rituals and rites as traditional Wicca, but is not expressly considered a

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Elemental Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Elemental Witchcraft

Elemental Witches feel a connection to the energies and structures of the classical elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Spirit (sometimes referred to as Ether or Aether). By using these elements to draw power into your magic, we can generate results by focusing on each elements innate qualities and

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Hedge Witchcraft Types Of Witchcraft

Hedge Witchcraft

The Hedge Witch is a deeply individualistic and often solitary kind of witch that honors nature and has a learned aptitude for spirit communication and travel through unseen realities. There are actually many different descriptions of what a hedge witch is and does as a result of their individualistic nature,

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