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Blessed Thistle Properties

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Blessed Thistle is commonly found growing wild in sunny locations and stony soils. This magical herb has a dark green narrow leaves that envelop its hairy stems and is toothed and veined on the edges. Wrapped with prickly spines, its pale yellow flowers bloom at the top of the stem from May to September.

Due to its bristly exterior, Saxons call the plant Ever Throat and its folk name Cursed Thistle is due to people stepping on its spikes in bare feet. Thistle is regarded as an emblem of Scotland, it served as a signal for the sleeping Scots when barefooted Danes were coming.

In the Middle Ages, it is used to kill tapeworms, a cure during a plague, and is also regarded as a weather predictor as its dried flower bracts close when the rain is close.

Thistle can be easily found in many witch’s gardens as a medicine and protects the home against thieves while a bowl of this herb in a room brings strength and energy.

It is associated with all the maternal aspects of the Mother Goddess. It is a sacred plant that provides endurance to survive cold seasons with a calming nature that soothes hatred and deep-seated negative emotions.

Blessed Thistle is an herb of joy, vitality, and protection. An herb that attracts love, counters baneful magic, and presents spiritual, physical, and financial abundance to the bearer. It brings clarity to unresolved anger and thrives to help you cope and survive the test of time.

Blessed Thistle Correspondences

Planet: Mars
Sign: Aries
Energy: Masculine
Element: Fire
Deities: Ares, Priapus, Pan

Blessed Thistle Magical Correspondences

Blessed Thistle Magical Uses

Spiritual Healing

For any kind of witch who desires to make peace with their inner troubles and uncertainties, spiritual healing is as crucial as healing in the physical plane. Boil some thistle, after removing it from the heat, sit next to the bowl and begin meditating, as the steam rises so will the healing occur.

Placing a Blessed Thistle in an open dish on the altar, mixed with Yerba Santa, Basil or other herbs whose name also contains the word ‘holy’ or ‘sacred’ would also bring extraordinary spiritual healing.


To purify the home would also mean cleansing the place where you rest and let your energy recharge. Purification is utilized in many aspects and one of those is by removing impurities in your body. Boil the Blessed Thistle leaves and add them to your bath water for physical and spiritual cleansing or burn as incense to cleanse and purify a room.


To protect yourself from undesirable energies and the Evil Eye, brew a Blessed Thistle into a tea with blessed salt and sprinkle around the home for protection from Evil. If you fear being struck by lightning during a storm, throw some herb into the fire. Carrying any Thistle charms in your pocket or growing this herb in your garden are some of the simplest ways to protect yourself with the help of this herb.

Hex Breaking

When you feel the dark spirit of hexes and curses seeping in your bones, breaking the link of these hexes would ask that you to wear a garment with Thistle fibers woven into it. Prevention is better than cure, and in breaking hexes, stuffing poppets with Thistle would help you avoid catching hexes and will keep you from any evil encounter too.


With the busy days ahead, vitality is needed as much as luck is. Placing a bowlful of Blessed Thistle in a room strengthens and renews vitality. To add courage and energy in daily ventures, carry a piece of this herb with you or meditate with Blessed Thistle to recharge and re-energize your senses.

Blessed Thistle’s Medicinal Properties


It is believed that the Blessed Thistle plant bitters are also antimicrobial that enhances and supports the immune system.

Appetite Loss

Herbalists believe that the Blessed Thistle has a strong bitter principle that stimulates the appetite and aids digestion.

Relieves Excessive Bleeding

Blessed Thistle is thought to treat excessive menstrual or wound bleeding when used in a salve or tea.

Cure Coughs and Fevers

It is believed that this herb has a hot infusion that can be used as a diaphoretic that is helpful for the fast recovery in coughs and fevers.

Stimulates Blood Purification

Herbalists believe that Blessed Thistle acts on all the eliminatory channels of the body making it an excellent blood purifier.

Improves Memory

Blessed Thistle is thought to improve memory and poor concentration by enhancing the blood flow to the brain which also relieves headaches and migraines.

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