Black Crystals

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Black Crystals

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Bold, dark, and mysterious. Black crystals are known for their purifying and cleansing qualities.

Because of its unique cleaning properties, black crystals are commonly used with banishing work to dispel negative and unwanted energy before meditation or psychic reading. These crystals are also used as protection in a long journey or in times of uncertainty.

Black crystals unblock negative energies that can disable the life force energy to flow freely and abundantly in your body, resulting in feelings of anxiety, laziness, and procrastination. These energies can come from traumatic exposures such as a break-up, death of a loved one, and other forms of violence.

Black crystals have different and unique strengths but are generally associated with the root or base chakra. Our root chakra is responsible for grounding and allowing you to feel comfort and acceptance of the present moment. It is also the first chakra that you should cleanse and make peace with before moving on to other chakras in the body, making it a crucial step in attaining consciousness, clarity, and intuition.

Black Crystal Meanings

Unlike other colors in the spectrum, Black mirrors an intimidating, fearful, and dark outlook, often symbolizing death. However, when seen from a positive perspective, black symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and protection from the dark or the unknown.

Black as a symbol of death is also a character of the color that cannot simply be ignored. With the right mindset, black can positively mean the death of old habits and negative emotions that do not serve you or others. Black can also represent the death of your egoic body and the birth of your spiritual consciousness.

For many cultures, black is also a symbol that represents expertise and mastery. It is In contrast with its opposite extreme, the color white, which symbolizes innocence and naivety. A good example is martial arts, an eastern culture that uses white as a character of naivety and black as a symbol of mastery.

Black crystals, therefore, cleanses, protects, and provides you wisdom whenever you need it.

These crystals are best used when you wish to guard yourself against external energies that can cloud your perspective of the truth. Black crystals’ versatility and protective quality make them an essential part of your crystal collection.

Our Favorite Black Crystals

Shungite Black Crystals


Shungite is particularly known for its great potential to purify. This crystal is best for cleansing your aura and healing physical and emotional illnesses. Because of the high vibrations comprising the crystal, Shungite is also considered to be an essential stone for cleansing water and recharging it with beneficial properties.

Black Tourmaline Black Crystals

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a crystal used to protect from negative energies, toxic behaviors, and negative emotions that can disturb you in a journey. It is also known for its ability to shield from destructive forces and spirits that may sometimes pretend to be your guide.

Obsidian Black Crystals


Black Obsidian is popular for its ability to drive you away from cunning beliefs and thought patterns that can block you from connecting with your intuition. This crystal is described as “The Stone of Prophecy”, bringing you powerful gravitational pull away from your inner demons and insecurities.

Onyx Black Crystals


Just like other black crystals, Onyx is known for its ability to ground the spirit. The crystal’s properties help bring clarity and easing anxiety brought by traumatic events or childhood experiences that are showing its humongous effect in your current decisions. Onyx gives you willpower and self-confidence.

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