Black Candles

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Black Candles For Witchcraft

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The darkest color in the spectrum, black candles bear within them a tremendous amount of both male and female energies of the earth and the immense power of the dark. Utilized both in dark arts and magic involving sorcery, these black candles release a slow-burning destructive energy to one’s rivals that deliver misfortunes and wreak havoc to their minds.

Other than being a lethal force to be reckoned with, black candles can do so much more than assisting in repelling magic as they can also be lit to create a strong barrier that protects people by breaking chains of negative energies while dismissing thousands of hindrances that keep a person from living their life in their best abilities.

As a vital tool in every magical activity, your black candles hold the keys to unlock life’s and the heart’s deepest mysteries. Black candles are sophisticated and are very classy when placed in one’s altar, they are masters of life’s unending quest for answers.

The ruling planet of black candles is Saturn. In mythology, Saturn is a Roman god of agriculture and brings great crops and harvests that produce enrichment to people’s lives. Black candles are governed by two different zodiac signs, Capricorn and Aquarius.

Since black candles activate the root chakra, they encompass a larger spectrum in terms of magical qualities. With an enormous amount of power, black candles can put an end to anything as much as it can give people a chance to start something new.

Black candles are not all about black magic or casting bad intentions, what most people miss in not putting their trust on using black candles is its ability to change people’s lives for the better, even if it means severing their ties to things and people whom they thought they can’t prosper without.

Black Candle Magic

Black Candle Correspondences

Element: Earth
Signs: Capricorn, Aquarius
Planet: Saturn
Day: Saturday
Numbers: 8, 13
Stones: Obsidian, Onyx, Tourmaline

How To Charge Black Candles

Black candles have their unique qualities that make every ritual or magical work extra special. However, every process that black candles went through before they reached your home may have stripped off a big chunk of their energy.

Charging candles under a gentle natural sunlight is a very basic way to recharge them with the sun’s energy. You can place them directly on the soil to connect them to the earth or put them in a bowl with some dried herbs and set them under the gentle sunlight. Don’t let them stay out for too long as too much sunlight can quickly melt black candles.

Place them among foliage and leave them for quite some time to absorb the earth’s vibrations that release strong energy. You can even tie a string on each of your black candles and hang them on tree branches to re-connect them with the spiritual realm and be bestowed with the right energy needed.

Use a soft cloth to wrap your black candles with and bury them on the ground during a crescent moon. This re-empowers your black candles and will also tap on their magic to help you succeed in many spells and rituals.

Black Candle Spell Ideas

Black candles are often utilized in reversal spells to protect you and your home against curses that other witches may have cast on you. This Reversal Spell is made possible by lighting an incense and a black candle on your altar while sending your intentions to the universe. It will not only protect you against any harm but will also allow you to throw those curses right back at them.

A spell to banish a rival using black candles can be made by preparing a glass jar and filling it with two key ingredients- vinegar to add sourness that will keep them away and coarse salt to keep you protected against their ill wishes. Whoever that person is, this spell will help you get rid of them and their negative energy in your life without causing any harm to them.

Begin Again spells can be done by lighting a black candle and saying your intentions while bathing in the smoke of your favorite herb, this helps you open a brand new, more exciting chapter of your life. You can cut a small part of the black candle after using it and carry it with you to guide you in starting again.

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