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Magical Properties Of Basil

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Basil is an herb that has many uses in magic, and it is widely available to almost everyone. The magical properties of Basil are very useful for everyday life, and you’ll find yourself using Basil in your rituals, candle magic and just about any time you can reach for it in your herb garden.  

Many witches love to grow Basil in their home, as it’s a wonderful window sill herb that thrives alongside many other easy to grow kitchen herbs. Its subtle sweet smell and deep green leaves will add fire to any spell, and just meditating with Basil is an experience that will enlighten you as you learn more about it in your personal path.

Basil’s Correspondences

Planets: Mars
Signs: Scorpio
Elements: Air, Fire
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Hemphu, Vishnu, Erzulie

Basil’s Magical Properties


Basil can be used to foster protection and repel unwanted energies by planting this herb near the threshold of your living space.


Basil can be used in your daily beauty regimen or a pot plant can be displayed in your balcony to welcome a new love into your life.

Wealth and Abundance

To attract both wealth and luck in your business or personal life, Basil can be used as a tea, worn as charms, or incorporated in rituals.

Astral Projection

Basil can be used as salves or essential oils to facilitate in clearing the mind to keep you meditated as a window to astral projection.


In healing disputes and scars from misunderstandings, Basil can be used as a tea or an ingredient to your dishes.

Basil’s Medicinal Properties

Relieves Stress

Basil is thought to be used in Ayurvedic Medicine to increase the body’s immunity to stress and anxiety and enhance adrenal function.

Soothes Sore Throat

Herbalists believe that Basil is a great expectorant by drinking or gargling boiled water with basil leaves with it, this eases sore throat due to coughing.


It is believed that Basil has anti-inflammatory effects that can lessen redness and swelling especially when caused by acne.

Stomach Pain

Basil is thought to alleviate indigestion, reduce bloating, and cure acid reflux when used as a tea.

Heal Insect Bites

It is believed that essential oils and crushed leaves of Basil can heal insect bites and stings as well as wounds and cuts.

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Magical Properties Of Basil


Basil is an herb that has many uses in magic, and it is widely available to almost everyone. The magical properties of Basil are very

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