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Astragalus Properties

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Astragalus is an ancient element of traditional Chinese medicine and is also native to Mongolia and North Korea. Its drooping white flowers blossom gracefully in the summer and its seed pods in the fall.

This herb can reach up to four feet tall with fern-like foliage and is a member of the pea family, firmly associated with licorice. Astragalus can grow abundantly in regions with temperate climates and prefers slightly sandy, well-drained soil.

The word ‘astragalos’ came from the Greek word ‘knucklebones’ and was commonly used to make gaming pieces. Astragalus has been used for centuries and is highly valued as a classic Chinese herbal and energy tonic. It brings warmth and toning to the protective energy circulating underneath the skin which aids the body in adapting to external forces.

Astragalus can be easily found in a modern witch’s pantry as an efficient day to day medicine for uncommon spiritual patterns that are tough to combat. Growing this herb in your garden allows it to infuse its astounding energy in your home, burning its dried leaves and roots can be used to guard your living space and increase the flow of vital energy within your body.

An uplifting, protective, and balancing energy flows within the Astragalus Root herb. Spells for concentration, mental clarity, and psychic shielding are incorporated with this herb to heighten its effects on an individual. Keeping a dried root of this herb in areas of your home brings energetic and physical health, abundance, and peace

Astragalus Correspondences

Planet: Jupiter
Sign: Libra
Element: Air
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Gods and Goddesses of the Fae

Astragalus Magical Correspondences

Astragalus’ Magical Uses


Elimination of impurities and undesirable energies is one way to leave any witch’s mind clearer or less distracted from any quandary. Relaxing the body in sacred baths and adding the exceptional powers of Astragalus essential oils to your natural beauty products will cleanse the body and mind from everyday pollutants.

Practicing purification ceremonies with Astragalus before doing magical tasks will boost connection to the higher gods and spirits. Smoking inside your house and workplace by burning dried roots and leaves of Astragalus is an excellent way to purify your nest.


Finding your emotional stability and clarity is not a piece of cake, after all, life is filled with day to day troubles and confusions. When performing a ritual, use Astragalus roots as an offer to the deities and invite guidance from the spiritual realm. Coating your candles with essential oils made from Astragalus restores and enhances normalcy and balance to the mind, body, and spirit.


Being active in everyday life means risking your protection and catching filthy forces that may harm you as a new witch. Sprinkling Astragalus around your home and office guarantees protection to your emotional and spiritual health. You can even place a dried herb in a sachet or put them in your dream pillows and spell bags. In this way, you can keep yourself away from harm when you are unconscious and most vulnerable.

Hex Breaking

Sudden psychic attacks and penetration of curses or hexes while on a hectic schedule may leave the modern witch within you defenseless. Bringing Astragalus charms to wear every day is a great way to defend yourself against disturbing conundrums that may disrupt your busy day. Creating own elixirs and blends will also break chains of hexes and spells to help you focus your energies on things that bring self-advancement to you and your family.

Astragalus’ Medicinal Uses

Alleviates Chest Pain

Astragalus is thought to ease chest pain by improving some measures of heart function.


Herbalists believe that Astragalus helps control blood sugar and insulin levels of people suffering from diabetes.

Reduces Chemotherapy Side Effects

It is believed that herbal mixtures of Astragalus can ease nausea, diarrhea, and bone marrow suppression caused by chemotherapy treatments.

Uterine Bleeding

Astragalus is often thought to treat prolapse syndromes of the uterus to help prevent the excessive bleeding of the uterus.

Relieves Stress

Astragalus is thought to help lessen mood swings and constant nervous tension. It is believed that this herb aids in curbing stress levels and enhance calmness to the mind and body.

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