Angel Numbers And Their Meanings

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Angel Numbers 1111

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Have you experienced encountering a set of repeating numbers a couple of times in a row? It’s easy to brush off, but once you notice a pattern, then the universe might be trying to tell you something.

What Do Repeating Numbers Mean?

Repeating numbers are often called “Angel Numbers” made by your spirit guides to keep you on the right path can be more than just coincidental. Repeating numbers in your tarot, divination or daily life can be meaningful.

You’ll see the number on subway posters, market prices, and clocks. Basically, you will easily notice anything with the same number without even meaning to.

Angel Numbers Meanings

111: Be at the Present Moment

111 is a wake-up call from the universe telling you to stop, breathe, and be at the present moment. This calls for a time to meditate, check on yourself, or notice your surroundings.

People who often receive this message are lightworkers – those who try their best to bring positivity, warmth, joy, and understanding wherever they go and whoever they meet.


222: Reconnect

The number two clearly symbolizes relationships and your connection to other people. If you see the repeating number 222, it is likely that the universe is telling you to call a friend or a loved one to catch up. Alternatively, if this number is seen more frequently than usual, someone you intimately know might be needing your presence now.

333: Find Balance

333 is a number that tells you to find balance in the mental, physical, and spiritual areas of your life. If you see this number often, it may be the universe telling you to give value to all these aspects by equally distributing your time and energy. All work is not fun, and all play ruins structure. Keep in mind that a balanced life is a good life.

444: Re-Evaluate

Maybe there’s something in the past that avoided confronting. Maybe you’re subconsciously carrying baggage from the past – withholding you from new opportunities. Or, maybe it is a call to remind you that where you are now is a consequence of your decisions and past experiences. 444 is a number that reminds you of your roots, your past, and your ego.

555: Welcome Change

If you see this number often, the universe might be telling you to do it. Whatever you are curious of, interested in, motivated in – just do it. Is it a new hobby? A new career? A competition? Whatever it is that you think you should do will take you somewhere. Trust it.

666: Follow the Light

Wherever your guides are taking you, follow it and trust it. 666 is a number that tells you to keep following the signs and “keep looking”. If you see this more frequently, this could mean that you are in the right place, on the right path. So wherever you are, just continue moving forward!

The universe is full of magic, mysterious, and is smart enough to communicate not just through numbers but also through reoccurring experiences and “accidents”. The only thing it asks is for you to listen.

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