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Agrimony Magical Correspondences

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Agrimony is a well-known domestic medicinal herb that grows abundantly in Europe and parts of North America. Its deep green appearance is covered with fine hairs and spikes of delicate-looking yellow flowers blossom from June to early September, its small root is notable for its sweet scent particularly in spring.

It is one of the safest herbs that can be found in a Modern Witchโ€™s pantry and has a vast magical uses ranging from breaking jinxes to counteracting the Evil Eye. In folk magic, it is called Cocklebur and is an excellent charm to guarantee a restful sleep particularly when a person experiences nightmares while providing warm energy to magical works.

This magical herb is commonly planted in home gardens in temperate climates. It is available in dried or powdered form and liquid extracts or essential oils.

Agrimony is soaked in baths and also used as a tea that is a refreshing beverage during the spring season.

It has been used as a food and home remedy for thousands of years. Even in medieval times, this herb was commonly used in battlefields to stop bleeding and a variety of ailments. The protective nature of this herb is stemmed from its traditional name, Church Steeple.

Agrimony is an herb of good luck, an exceptional aid in sharpening psychic shields to banish negative spirits and purify the aura to deepen your emotional, personal, and spiritual growth.

Agrimony Correspondences

Planets: Jupiter
Signs: Cancer
Elements: Air
Energy: Masculine
Deities: Lugh, Manannan Mac Lir, Danu

Agrimony Properties

Agrimony’s Magical Uses

Reversing Spells

For witches to stay guarded against spells that may instill negative energies to them, Agrimony is an excellent herb that helps in reversing a hex, curse, or Evil Eye and sending them back to the sender.

Coating your reversing candles with Agrimony essential oils or sprinkling herbs around the base of candles before burning are both efficient ways to reverse the spell. While purifying incenses and sachets aid in repelling ill-wishes from others.


Agrimony has a protective nature that wards off unwanted spirits that may take up large space in a modern witchโ€™s everyday life. Mix with salt and keep around your home or workplace to use it as a psychic shield, use it during rituals to ease your mind and foster good vibrations and connect to higher spiritual guides.


As with many herbs, Agrimony attracts luck in various ways that will benefit your personal growth and career. To keep luck beside you, sprinkle its leaves around your home especially on the doorway to welcome good luck. Adding this herb to your rituals and meditation practice will enhance its ability to bestow good luck to your home and family.


The healing magic of Agrimony makes it a great topical pain killer. It fastens the healing ability of the mind and body to purify the emotions and cleanse the atmosphere. Burn it as an offering or witches can also combine it in a ritual bath to wash their magic tools and allow healing energies to flow into them.

Restful Sleep

While living the busy life outside, witches may attract negative vibrations that produce stress and anxiety that may hinder a good night sleep. Place Agrimony under your pillow to ensure a restful sleep and rub away nightmares from coming to you.

Agrimony’s Medicinal Properties

Wound Healing

A mix of Agrimony in a tea or essential oils, is thought to heal wounds as well as skin blemishes.


Herbalists believe that Agrimony is abundant in beneficial health compounds that detoxify the body especially when used as a cleansing tea.

Liver health

An Agrimony herb is believed by herbalists to regulate the liver as well as the gallbladder function. This herb is also thought to treat gallstones and cirrhosis of the liver.


When used as an essential oil, it is believed that Agrimony lessens swelling in soft tissues.

Respiratory Health

It is believed that when used in a tea, Agrimony soothes a sore throat, mouth ulcers, and inflamed gums and other respiratory ailments. Agrimony is also thought to relax the throat and strengthen the voice.

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