A Witch’s Guide to Reading Auras

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Reading Auras Witchcraft

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Everything that is alive has an aura.

Although objects may have an accumulation of energy passed on by their owner or their caretakers, auras are exclusively part of a living being’s nature.

It is also described as the “unseen spiritual force” surrounding our bodies which indicates our vibe or the frequency in which we operate individually.

If you are an observant empath or just instinctively intuitive, it is not hard for you to detect a wave of energy when meeting someone or when walking into a room.

As unique and individual witches, we read auras differently. Some people may find it easy to read others through simply tuning in or connecting with the mystical field that we are surrounded by.

Meanwhile, others struggle with “feeling” and prefer to read visually through aura colors.

What are Aura Colors?

Reading aura colors is one of the most common ways to identify a living being’s emotional, mental, and spiritual state. However, it is agreed by many that seeing aura colors is a struggle – knowing the fact that what we see can be biased by our own spiritual state.

Although aura colors take a bit of practice and self-trust to work, this practice must not be taken harshly nor with any type of rigorous training.

In fact, identifying aura colors only need your intuitive skill which can be practiced in many different ways. And no, looking harder at an object does not increase the possibility of you identifying the color for the witch.

Aura colors represent different correspondences that may help us understand ourselves and others better. With this knowledge, you may be able to protect your own aura from being drained by “energy suckers” or people who spiritually and mentally operate at a very low frequency.

Reading your Aura Color

Aura reading is not a method that chosen people only have. Everyone can read auras but not everyone is aware of that. Know that you are capable of this gift before anything else.

Once you’re set, you can go ahead and read your own aura color. A bit of grounding and meditation may help you tune in with your intuition, so do as you please. Remember to take your time.

Take a deep breath and grab a mirror with you. Making sure there is less noise and clutter behind you, take a look at your forehead where you typically visualize your third eye. For starters, a white background is an ideal color to read your aura color.

If you do not have access to a mirror, you can easily replicate this practice by looking for a white wall or a white-colored scrap from a notebook.

Without judgment, look at your forehead or hand and allow yourself to take in whatever comes into mind firsthand. Do not doubt it or try to change it. The color will appear like a glow, outlining the edges of your head or hand. Learn to trust your intuition. What you felt like you saw first is probably correct.

Witchcraft Auras

Aura Color Meanings


Seeing white is rare for an aura. If you come across white, this may signify that you are currently open to new possibilities and opportunities with the balance of fear and courage to move forward.


Grey is a color that is neither black nor white. Grey is a color that appears in your aura when you are in the middle of a tightrope and unable to figure out where to go This represents skepticism and confusion about a certain area in your life.


Brown represents muddy or tinted energy. When you encounter a person with brown auras, their energy is most likely to drain you or influence you out of the truth.


When the color of your aura is black, this can most likely mean that you are under the influence of ego, pain, and suffering. Do not give in to your emotions when your aura is black because you will regret it when the time comes.


Red is a color of passion, enthusiasm, warmth, and desire. Seeing red in your aura can mean that you are at your point in life when you are charged with ideas, hope, and infatuation with a person or an idea in particular.


Creativity, communication, and charisma. Orange may represent that you are groovy and open to meeting new people, negotiating, and expressing yourself.


Yellow is a color of light and of hope. This represents the optimism and feather-like lightness that you are currently experiencing.


Seeing green in your aura is usually an indication that you are grounded and conscious. Green may also represent your attraction to nature as of the moment.


Violet represents your intuitive qualities and psychic abilities. When you encounter violet in your aura, this is the best time to perform any kind of divination.

Your aura can be composed of one, two, or more blends of colors at the same time. Knowing their correspondences can help you decipher the overall reading of your aura.

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