A Quick And Easy Self-Draw Tarot Layout

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Tarot Self Draw

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Tarot card reading is a form of divination used by many since the old days. It is a technique used for a variety of things including guidance, consultation, and fortune-telling.

Tarot cards are also used to connect with the divine and figure out what she has to say about a situation, and they can also help express blocked thoughts and emotions that cannot be put into words.

This reading can be in-depth or quick, depending on the your preference.

Although 10-card readings can have more context and depth, it demands a fortune of your time and isnโ€™t ideally something that you would do daily.

A quick reading only requires 1 to 3 cards and can be used when you are seeking for an immediate solution to a problem or a circumstance.

Uses of Self Readings

Not everyone has the luxury of time to sit down at their altar for an in-depth reading.

Additionally, that may not even be necessary to do every day because at some point, you will find yourself drawing similar cards. Ideally, you would want to internalize and apply the message before asking for another consultation. This is especially essential because tarot cards do not want to be bugged for similar reasons or questions.

Quick readings can be done once a week or once a month. You may also seek the consultation of supporting cards, like oracle cards, every time you feel confused, blocked, or troubled.

Remember, the cards are your connection to your intuition, your Highest self. Whatever comes up is something that is already within you.

Quick tarot card readings help you clear out any biases and doubts that are blocking what is real and true โ€“ in the shortest amount of time possible.

Tarot Spreads For Yourself

Past, Present, Future: A 3-Card Spread

This 3-card spread is an easy way to get insight from the cards and your intuition. It can relate to anything that you consider relevant at the moment. It could be directed to a relationship, career, thought, or situation.


Inevitably, we all hold moments from the past, both bad and good. While other memories can just be memories, lingering feelings from a specific period in your life may influence your decisions in the present. Drawing a card to know what is blocking or influencing your present can be well defined by the first card.


Knowing where you are right now is a great way to gain the right perspective. Your second card portrays your current overall energy and how you are reacting to the present moment. Alternatively, it can also represent the opportunities that are showing in the present moment which can be of benefit the outcome.


The future is vulnerable to mishaps and setbacks, but it is important to be clear about what you truly want. The third card represents the direction in which you are heading or progressing. It can also portray the outcome of a situation.

The past, present, future 3-card spread can aid in quick decision making, peace of mind, and inner peace. Yet this may seem like a rigid spread instruction, feel free to revise and use your creativity in working with this quick and easy tarot layout.

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