A Carpet Freshener To Clear The Air

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Witchy Carpet Refresher

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In This Post

Let’s share a quick DIY carpet freshener recipe that is really helpful if you’re needing to clear the air in your witchy home.

There’s nothing worse than a stuffy, stagnant vibe indoors, especially when your home is a sacred space in which you find solace to work your magic.

And, as many kitchen and cottage witches will tell you, there’s magic in the everyday mundane tasks. (Even cleaning!)

Rosemary In Witchcraft Home

The recipe is quite simple, but it’s the intention and energy that you put into making your creative concoction that really matters.

1tsp fine salt
1c baking soda
1tsp dried herbs
5-10 drops essential oil

For the herbs, I recommend using dried herbs that correspond to your outcomes. Check out the Guide To Magical Herbs if you need some inspiration or have a specific need.

And as for essential oils, the guide to herbs will work for the essence of the herbal allies as well.

When you’re ready to create your carpet sprinkle, simply combine the elements together in a way that is meaningful to you, and infused with your desired outcome.

Tip: A mortar and pestle will help to grind up any large herb pieces and allow for better deodorizing.

Sprinkle the mixture lightly over your carpets, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then vacuum it up!

*Please be careful with your carpets! Essential oils and herbs are spirited creatures that can react in unique ways with their environments. Spot test your carpet sprinkle first to make sure it won’t stain or damage your carpets. It would be terrible to have magic so meaningful become a day-ruiner!*

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