A Banishing Spell For A Person

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An Banishing Spell For A Person

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This banishing spell for a person using cord magick from Noah Tempestarii. Cord magic can be used in many different ways, but in this spell, it will be used to banish negative energy in yourself as you burn away the cord after you tie knots during your spellwork.

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What You’ll Need

  1. Small bowl
  2. Black candle
  3. Black cord

Create A Knot

Create a knot in the center of your cord as you visualize and feel the negativity you wish to banish. You are binding and banishing all of that into the knots you tie. Make as many knots as you need to accomplish your binding.

Light Your Candle & Recite

Light your black candle with the intention to banish that which doesn’t serve you. Recite the incantation as you burn the knot you created in your cord. Bury the cord away from where you live.

“Knotted Cording That I Bind,
Cleanse My Body, Heart, And Mind.

In This Knot May All Bad Be Bound,
Leave No Trace, Nor Sight, Nor Sound.

I Send It Back From Whence It Came,
All ill Wishes Now Aflame.”

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