5 Spell Types to Include in your Practice

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Spell Types For Witches

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Spells are one of the most misunderstood practices in witchcraft because of their close association to cursing. While cursing is a type of spell, not all spells are made for the intention to harm and cause trouble.

In fact, even those who don’t identify as witches create spells every single day – when they wish someone a good morning, when they curse someone off the street, or when they affirm how good or bad they are at something.

Spells play an important role in witchcraft because this is where intentions and manifestations come into play. This is where magic does its thing. This is how you embody your life energy.

A Note on Magical Tools

Magical tools are not necessarily needed in one’s spell casting practice. If you can get your hands on such, then good.

But if you can’t, there’s no reason not to move forward. Tools simply compliment, encourage, and empower the powerful energy that is already within you.

Wisdom, insight, and clear intention are enough to perform a successful spell.


Repetition is among the most common techniques used in spell casting and manifestation. In fact, this method is not only used in many forms of witchcraft, but also in various beliefs all over the world.

Repeating your desire or intention through words in a rhythmic pattern or through an incantation strengthens your link towards your desire. This method also conditions the spirit, mind and body in attracting your manifestation.

Another way to apply this method is through regularity and routine. You can do this by making a commitment at a certain time every day to visualize your long-term desire.


“Once in contact, always in contact.” This type of spell is present in almost any love spell. When you work for contagion, you work for attraction. You can do this by attaining anything that is closely linked to your person of desire. This can be a piece of clothing, an image, or a strand of hair owned by your target focus.


Sympathy is another type of spell that can be used in spells. Sympathy strengthens a bond between two entities by conducting a ritual with both partners present.

There are many ways to perform this type of spell. In fact, this can also be utilized to strengthen your bond with a long lost family member or a long-distance loved one.


As opposed to sympathy, antipathy spells are meant to remove someone from your life. Similarly, there are many ways to perform this ritual.

One of the simplest rituals to do is by writing the person’s name on a piece of paper, saying your intention to remove this person from your life, and burning the piece of paper with his or her name with a black candle. Discard the remains outside your home or, if possible, somewhere far from your home.

Witchcraft Spells


Inversion is the most controversial type of spell because it requires you to turn back something into nothing or to send back a spell or curse to its original sender.

If you think you might have caught bad vibes or have absorbed energy from a person operating at a low frequency, inversion spells might do the trick.

To perform an inversion spell, simply be aware of what you are feeling, recognizing what energy is yours and what is not. Once you have reopened your third eye, cast the spell back to its original sender by chanting the spell:

“Spell, spell, spell be gone! Back to which ye belong. Back to the caster, send your disaster.”

Do not let their ill wishes change who you truly are. Always end with a good heart, keeping your humility and kindness at bay.

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