5 Protective Herbs To Help You In Your Craft

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5 Protective Herbs

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Herbs are pieces of nature that connect us to the divine energies of the earth – wherever we are. All it takes is a sip, an intention to reflect on, and some faith.

Herbs are a Green Witch’s best friend but are not limited to their use. Herbs can be used by any type of witch and are a great way of quickly connecting with nature.

Aside from its healing properties, magical herbs are also known for their ability to protect the drinker with their elemental, protective energies that are essential for doing spellwork, astral projection, divination, or any type of manifestation ritual.

Below are five accessible herbs that can aid protection in your daily life.

Protection Magic Herbs Basil


Rosemary is known for its ability to ward off negative energies that can potentially harm your home and your aura.

Its ability to protect is particularly represented by its little spikes which look much like road strips or gate wires that shield itself from potentially harmful robbers.


Cinnamon is considered to be the most accessible and oldest herb for protection. The woody-like herb is associated with deities and spirits, making it a great spice to call on your spiritual guides and angels for protection during a spellwork or a ritual.

Cinnamon is ideally placed in altars and sacred spaces to maintain the energies of the surrounding area.


Sweet, aromatic, and fragrant. Basil is an ideal herb for protecting the heart from partners that may cause pain and arguments that may distort your perspective of the truth.

Alternatively, basil encourages self-love, an act that protects the aura beyond the matters of love.


Keeping clove is an essential protective herb especially when you are around people often. Clove protects you from negative energies brought by malicious gossip and toxic office politics.

This herb particularly benefits those who inevitably capture attention because of status and physical appearance. In the same way, clove can also release all types of envy and drives you away from the temptation to speak badly of someone.


Sage is known for its ability to clear the mind and give it practical wisdom. Sage is linked with intuition and knowledge, which makes it an excellent herb for aiding clarity, perspective, and insight in times of conflict.

How to use Herbs for Protection

Herbs can be used as a talisman, an altar herb, or a kitchen herb. To use herbs as a talisman, simply put desired herbs in a sachet or a mojo bag. You may choose to use one type of herb or combine it with other herbs and crystals that complement the energies of your intention.

You may also use herbs to decorate and amplify the energies of your altar. To use herbs as a kitchen herb, simply add it to hot water and drink it as tea. Alternatively, you may add herbs to a cleansing spiritual bath.

No matter how you utilize herbs in your practice, your intention and attitude are what truly sets the effectiveness of your spiritual practice. A little mindfulness goes a long way!

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