5 Powerful Herbs For Candle Magic

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Herbs can be a powerful ally for candle magic, and there are many herbs that we can use to give candle magic a boost.

Herbs help the candle connect to the energy you are trying to invoke in your spell craft, and while there are limitless herbs, spices and botanicals to choose from, we are going to focus on five herbs that you can use that are also easy to obtain for your spells.

Some of these you might even have in your kitchen cabinet!

All herbs have connections to elements, planets, candle colors and deities. They help bring that energy into the space and can act as an offering or tool for protection while spell casting.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have been used for protection magic since Roman times. They were called “the leaves of the Gods”, and you can find bay leaves in ancient Greek and Roman art.

Bay Leaves For Candle Magic

Bay Leaves For Spellwork

Luck spells
Wishing magic
Empowerment work

Used To Invoke

The element of fire
The zodiac sign Leo
The Sun
The colors orange, yellow, and green

Bay Leaf For Candle Magic

The most common candle magic spell with bay leaves is writing your wish on a dried bay leaf and burning it in a candle flame. You can also crush it and mix it with pure olive oil and anoint a candle with it.

Rose Petals

Rose can be one of the most versatile herbs you can have in your arsenal. You can use rose petals dried or fresh to invoke deep feelings about our relationships and our desires.

Rose Petals For Candle Magic.jpg

Rose Petals For Spellwork


Use To Invoke

The zodiac sign Taurus
The element water
The planet Venus
Most love and beauty deities

Rose Petals For Candle Magic

All rose colors also invokes different meanings and feelings you can use to give your candle work a boost. Red for love, passion and beauty. Pink is for admiration/sweetness, Yellow for friendships, kindness. Rose petals can be dried and rubbed onto candles or dried petals burned in the flames. You can also place fresh petals around your candles.


Marjoram is something that most people have in their kitchen cabinets, and has a very wide array of uses for witches from personal healing to love and dream divination.

Marjoram For Candle Magic.jpg

Marjoram For Spellwork

Connecting with primal magic
Dream work
Psychic awareness
Soothing sadness

Used To Invoke

The zodiac sign Gemini
The elements of air & fire
The Sun
Aries or Leo

Marjoram For Candle Magic

Marjoram works best dried and mixed with oil to rub onto candles to boost the spellwork. Marjoram is connected to the planet Mercury and Venus, the elements or air and fire, the colors blue. Yellow and violet.


Pine is a very powerful and easily accessible there are pine trees all over the place to harvest from. Make sure when you harvest that you do so in a respectful way and leave an offering to the tree.

Pine For Candle Magic.jpg

Pine For Spellwork

Life magic
Wealth during hard times.

Used To Invoke

The color Black
The elements air, earth and fire.

Pine For Candle Magic

Pine is best dried and rubbed on to candles. Make sure the needles are dry and ground up fairly fine.You can also weave a circle of fresh pine needles and place them at the base of your candles.


Chamomile flowers, also known as ground apple for it’s apple taste when made into a tea has many magical applications and is very easy to find. Chamomile has been used for magic and for healing for thousands of years.

Chamomile For Spellwork

New beginnings

Used To Invoke

The element of water
The planetary energy of the sun and the earth
The zodiac sign Leo
The colors of yellow & white

Chamomile For Candle Magic

Chamomile can be crushed with a mortar and pestle and rubbed on a candle mixed with oil, or, sprinkled whole as a candle dressing.


  • Use pure olive oil or grapeseed oil to make herb oil to rub on your candles
  • Give your herbs time to sit and infuse with the oil this will help “wake up” Dried herbs
  • Dried herbs work the best for anointing directly on to the candle, fresh herbs can be mashed into a paste to spread on a candle and then allow to dry before burning, or they can be spread near the candles on your altar

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