5 Crystals to Enhance your Love Life

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Crystals For Love

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Crystals are one of the oldest types of talismans used in elevating the quality of one’s love life. Because of its profound, unique and distinct energy, it is able to direct the wearer or owner into a path of limitless love.

Although there are a lot of other spells to bind love and attract love in one’s life, there is nothing quite like the energy that crystals emit.

Crystals have been around for thousands of years, some which might even be older than the tallest trees you’ve ever known. They are considered to be part of nature, a production of earth’s many processes.

They emit energies similar to mountains, trees, green spaces and natural parks which explains their influential and powerful qualities. What makes crystal special is the fact that you can keep this said energy in the safety of your pocket.

Moreover, despite crystals’ similar capacity of power, crystals have unique correspondences, each that can reciprocate to every aspect in our life if properly charged to do so.

For Loving Protection

Certain crystals can be used for the protection of one’s aura from toxic relationship patterns and potential lovers that are operating at a very low frequency.

Some of these toxic patterns include feelings of contempt, misunderstanding, and anger.

Meanwhile, potential lovers that are operating at a very low frequency may bring your mental, physical and spiritual health at risk.

For Manifesting Love

Experiencing love is something that we all would like to have — may it mean acceptance, recognition or mutual desire.

Crystals have the power to help a pure heart in attaining the love it deserves. Pure hearts do not take the free will of others, but guide them in meeting you in their personal paths.

For Cutting Ties Of Love

Love should be experienced in the present. In order to make this possible, one must cut the ties that disable you from experiencing love at the moment. If a past experience is avoiding you from loving yourself or is influencing you to take mentally violent measures, it is a sign for you to cut ties from this past experience or past love.

Cutting ties is not just for people who wish to dissolve a past relationship. Cutting ties is also for people who are committed to a person but is currently bombarded with consecutive toxic patterns and/or experiences. Putting this as an intention can realign both members of a relationship back to the right path.

For Love Spells

Crystals can also be used in combination of other spiritual and divination tools.

Crystal chips, for example, can be used in creating a ritual oil for love or in crafting a love spell jar with herbs, roses and incense.

Crystals can instantly boost the power of any love spell, making it a perfect addition to your rituals.

Romance Crystals Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Self love and compassion

First on the list is Rose Quartz, the most common yet versatile stone for manifesting love through self-love. Rose quartz emits an energy of unconditional love that stems from softness, kindness and care for others. If you are looking for love, this stone can inspire you to share the love you want to receive.


Sensuality, Passion

This red-based stone is a stone that attracts sensuality and passion back into a relationship. Carnelian is good for partners who have been together for a while and want to invite spark by inspiring new experiences or recreating past memories of excitement and togetherness.


Clarity, Harmony

Rhodochrosite is a crystal for people who have desires of entering a new relationship. This crystal invites harmony between the mind, heart and soul.

Although it is no guarantee that you will be chosen by your desired partner, Rhodochrosite clears your mind from noise — enabling you to choose decisions wisely. This crystal is clearing and cleansing in terms of love.

Green Aventurine

Luck in Love, Manifestation

Green Aventurine is a crystal of “lucky” and “wealthy” love. The wealth that this crystal encourages is not material wealth, but rather the luxury of time and space to be together completely.


Cutting ties, healing

Love is for everyone, even those who are healing. Rhodonite is a crystal for the broken and the hopeless romantic.

The energy of this crystal inspires healing, hope and self-love for people who experienced trauma in love. Rhodonite encourages one to cut ties with those who drain your capacity to love, feel love and to give love.

Sun Stone


Sun stone is a crystal especially for people who consider themselves as empathetic lovers. As an empath, one’s aura can be widely open to energy suckers, toxic partners and partners who are particularly experiencing personal trauma.

By protecting your energy from these negative energies with sun stone, you become more reliant to become another person’s shoulder to lean on.

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