3 Ways To Empower Your Candle Magic With Symbols

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Candle Carvings

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Candle magic is a very common practice for many Witches. This manifestation technique has been around for thousands of years, used by our ancestors for protection, love, peace, and abundance.

There a lot of ways that we can use candle magic in our witchcraft. One of the effective power-increasing techniques is by consecrating a candle by carving a meaningful symbol on its surface through standard witchcraft symbols, sigils, and astrological signs.

Witchcraft Symbols

Using witchcraft symbols is one of the most common ways to consecrate a candle.

Commonly, witches use the pentagram symbol, a five-pointed star, to protect their spiritual aura from being contaminated by blockages caused by negative energy during divination or spellwork.

But of course, the pentagram symbol is not the only symbol that you can use to carve your candles.

To attract love, simply carve a heart symbol or a water symbol represented by an inverted triangle.

To attract abundance, carve an earth symbol represented by a striped inverted triangle.

To disperse toxic habits, carve an air symbol, represented by a striped triangle.

To attract positivity and joy in your life, carve a fire symbol, represented by a triangle.

Sigils In Witchcraft Candles


Sigils are personal symbols that witches make to draw their affirmations into their life. They symbolize specific and clear intentions made by the creator.

After charging a sigil through a burning ritual, a sigil can be used to decorate any object of desire. It can be written on paper as an altar display, printed as stickers, or carved on candles.

Sigils have particular properties than most symbols do not have. Although they are equally powerful, sigils are straightforward and are usually easily understood by the spirit guide assigned to support you in paving a path for you to reach your goal.

Making a sigil is uncomplicated and straightforward. Simply put, a sigil is just a combination of letters taken from a phrase based on your intention. To learn how to make a sigil, check our blog post on What are Sigils and How Can I Use Them?

Astrological Signs

Your zodiac has an immense influence on your personality, lifestyle, and overall perspective. However, when blockages arise in the aura, the positive traits that your sign possesses may turn sour β€” elevating feelings of stress, pride, or worthlessness.

Incorporating your astrological signs in your candle magic practice can help realign you with your positive characteristics and tune in with your highest self. Alternatively, you may also prefer using other astrology symbols to empower a particular trait that is reflected by a specific sign.

For instance, if you are opting to increase your charisma and sociability with others, you might want to consider carving a Leo symbol on your candle.

Candle carving is a great way to amplify the energy of any intention. But it is important to consider the dangers of vague wishes and half-assed intentions.

Just a kind tip: Always be mindful of what you put out to the universe.

Always, always, always remember to consider the free-will and protection of others, including yourself. Nonetheless, keep a creative mind and just listen to your intuition!

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