3 Unique Ways To Store Your Herbs For Witchcraft

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For every witch that practices herb magic, proper herb storage is essential.

Aside from preserving the quality and taste of the herbs, if it should be used in tea magic, storing herbs for witchcraft can strengthen the impact of the herbs in your practice.

Storing herbs for witchcraft is not solely meant for the purpose of preserving it โ€“ but rather for protecting it from external influences that can cloud its primary energies and properties.

Here are some of our favorite ways to store dried herbs for your craft.

Used Jars

If you want to preserve your magical herbs and protect its energy, dark mason jars are the way to go.

Dark or tinted mason jars protect your herbs by mimicking the darkest color in the color wheel.

Black is a witchcraft symbol for protection and anything within the space of a black object is protected from influences and distorted truths. However, just like any magical tool, this is only possible provided that you bless them with intention.

Dark mason jars also preserve your herbs, so itโ€™s a win-win.

Store Dried Herbs For Magic

Hanged Herbs

If you freshly harvest your herbs, hanging them may be an option you would like to consider. Hanging fresh herbs have a double purpose: it can dry your herbs and make it easy for you to readily access it for some spellwork or tea magic.

This technique also makes a pretty way to add nature to your home. You can hang herbs in your kitchen windowsill or near your sacred space. Just make sure the area is less likely to be moist.

On-the-go Containers

If youโ€™re a witch on the go โ€“ this might be the perfect one for you.

Packing your herbs in small recycled storage like a tictac container makes it easy for you to make a cup of tea or do herb magic whether youโ€™re out hiking or traveling.

This also makes a creative opportunity for you to mix up some herbs depending on your intention, label them and store them in a bigger container or your altar drawer, ready to be used whenever it is needed.

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