3 Steps To Better Witchy Tea

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Witchcraft Tea

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One of the best practices that you can do to incorporate magic into your daily life is by crafting a cup of tea. Just like meditation, candle-lighting, and gardening, brewing the right tea can kindle your spirit and amplify your ability to manifest your goals and desires.

Brewing tea can be used for multiple purposes such as divination, spell work, manifestation, and meditation.

While it adds a magical push for spiritual practices, your physical health can greatly benefit from the craft as well.

Tea is comprised of purely simple ingredients: water and herbs. Because of its unprocessed components, tea can be a beautiful and quick way to connect and absorb the powerful healing energies of nature.

Craft Your Tea

Knowing the key properties of herbs, plants, and flowers can help you craft a magical tea suitable for your intention. Having an idea of what you put in your tea can also teach you how to blend with purpose.

To start with, some of the great examples of herbs and plants that you can put in your tea are listed below:

Rose Petals

Aside from its numerous health benefits, rose petals are greatly useful in attracting any type of love into your life. Rose petals are generally useful for inviting happiness, warmth, and positivity.


Chamomile is a calming herb linked to abundance and prosperity. Drinking chamomile tea can also replenish drained energy — best for drinking after a long, stressful day.


Bergamot aids protection from negative forces that can interfere in meditation, divination, or spell work. Ideally, Bergamot should also be drunk before and after a heavy healing or reading session to make sure you don’t absorb unwanted energies.


Calming and purifying, lavender bring peace, happiness, and purification. Lavender is one of the most valuable herbs in witchcraft as it is named to amplify the intuitive energies of the crown chakra.


Rosemary is believed to improve memory and induce clarity in one’s life. This herb is highly recommended for making crucial decisions such as shifting in a new career or starting a business.

Tea For Witches

Blend Your Tea

Once you have an idea of the herbs’ healing properties, you may come up with blends. Blending can be based on your intuition, your taste, or your purpose.

Craft your tea blend by mixing an herb or a plant that resonates with your main intention, followed by complimenting herbs that support the manifestation of your main intention.

Drink & Savor

Mindful drinking is important as it gives your tea more power to influence your life with its vibrations. To drink your magical tea, simply add a short mantra, repeating it with every sip.

Drive your focus into your tea by deeply breathing in the aromas and tasting the flavors with an active palate. To encourage mindfulness, you might want to consider drinking your tea in an undisturbed room or your sacred space.

Other Witchy Things To Do With Tea

Teas are not limited to drinking as hot beverages. Teas can also be incorporated in spiritual cleansing baths and cooking.

If your recipe calls for a certain amount of water, don’t hesitate to add a little creativity and magic by infusing the water with plants and herbs beforehand.

Teas can add magic into your life by allowing you to consume nature in its most natural state. Tea-making can heal both the spiritual and physical states of the body that other tools cannot simply compass.

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