Yule Sabbat


When Is Yule? December 21st – January 1st Yule is the celebration of the midwinter solstice, and this marks the shortest day of the year.

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Yule & The Year's End

Green Candle magic

Green Candles

Green candles are traditional symbolism of money, prosperity, and nature. Whenever you need a companion to help you with tarot or rune casting and have

Crystals For Protection

Crystals For Protection

Everything in life contains energy. Although we find peace in solitude or during a spiritual practice, being exposed to negative energies is inevitable for everyone.

How To Make A Smoke Wand

How To Make A Smoke Wand

As the wheel of the year is nearing its coldest months, it is time to prepare your home for the winter β€” when staying in


Pink Crystals

Pink Crystals

Pink crystals are soothing and calming to the heart and soul. Crystals of this shade are

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